Saturday, December 2, 2023

Long Island Aquarium - Part 2

Between the two digital sketches that I posted yesterday I did one sketch using traditional watercolors and ink. I went into the room with the shark tank. The room is pretty dark and there are small ledges to sit on. I brought along my Mighty Bright light to use to illuminate my work. It isn't easy capturing the sharks and fish. For the most part they keep swimming in the same circle around the tank, but they pass by so quickly that I couldn't get much detail in one pass. I did my best and was happy with the results.


  1. This is soooo good. You captured the movement and feel. The Aquarium in Houston has a restaurant that curves around a huge tank in the middle and you feel like your are underwater.

    1. Thanks. I've been to one where you can walk through a passageway in the large tank. This one is smaller than I remembered. I know there is a mermaid (I met her when she posed for our sketch group) and she does shows inside one of the tanks. Maybe I missed one but I didn't see anyplace where she could comfortably swim.