Friday, June 21, 2024

30x30 Direct Watercolor #21 At the Arboretum

Recently I took a trip over to the Planting Fields Arboretum in Oyster Bay. I wanted to paint the roses on the trellises and wasn't sure if they were blooming yet. According to one of the horticultural specialists the aren't at their peak yet, but as you can see they are blooming. Hopefully I will get back there and do another painting. I love this spot because it reminds me of Monet's Garden when I painted there

When I finished the roses on the trellises I went into the walled garden. These flowers are Canterbury Bells. I used a bit of oil pastel on this in addition to the watercolors.

Thursday, June 20, 2024

30x30 Direct Watercolor #20 Olish's Farm

I like looking inside greenhouses, like this one at Olish's Farm in Eastport. They always have such nice displays outside. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

30x30 Direct Watercolor #19 Scenes from Port Jeff

Recently my friend, Suzala and I went to Port Jeff. Rather than ending up at an event that we were planning to go to, we walked around the town to find something to paint. I wanted to do a direct watercolor for the challenge. We found a spot in the shade outside a restaurant that looked really great. As I was finishing up, a lady with a little boy came over to see what I was doing. Looking at it she realized she was the lady with the cap sitting at the table. lol 

Next we moved to the main street in town. There was a spot with a view of Yogo Delish, a yogurt place. Luckily there was no parking allowed in front of the spot where we were painting, or directly across the street where Yogo Delish was, so we had a good view.

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

30x30 Direct Watercolor #17 - Beach Apparel

 I don't know about the beaches in other places, but here on Long Island most of our beaches have a shop that sells shirts and sweatshirts from that beach and assorted useful items for the beach. This was the "shopping area" at Robert Moses State Park and was done with direct watercolor.

Monday, June 17, 2024

30x30DirectWatercolor #17 Geese + Sunbather

Down by the bay in Bayport the other day I saw a group of geese hanging around. Of course there were about 8 to start with but only 2 managed to stay around long enough to be models for my Direct Watercolor #17.

When I was at the Robert Moses Beach recently I tried sketching with Procreate on my iPad. It is difficult to sketch on it in bright sunlight because it is very difficult to see what you're doing. Considering this was a half-blind sketch I don't think it came out too bad.


Sunday, June 16, 2024

30x30DirectWatercolor #16 & Holbein Workshop

I am always attracted to umbrellas and if they are red that's the icing on the cake. My 16th 30x30 Direct Watercolor was done at the Greek Bites Gill in Moriches. This time I can say I've been inside and have sampled their food, which is really good. 

Recently the Patchogue Arts Council hosted a Holbein Workshop where the Long Island representative, Jim Minet had us try out assorted Holbein art materials, watercolor mediums,  and Legion papers like Stonehenge and Yupo.

We started with Hobein watercolors on Stonehenge paper using a reference photo. We moved on to Holbein gouache and their acrylic gouache.

We tried painting on Yupo paper, a synthetic, plastic-like surface. I forgot how much fun that was to use...and also how frustrating too.

Jim also had us work on their black paper. The gouache especially worked well on that. In addition we tried the Holbein irridescent medium that can be used with watercolor or gouache.

Below you can see the irridescent medium in the shell I painted. I think all the participants enjoyed the workshop and the freebies that we went home with at the end of the night.

Saturday, June 15, 2024

30x30 Direct Watercolor #15

My plein air group met at the West Sayville Maritime Musuem grounds recently. I went out on the dock to paint this. I always worry about dropping something and having it fall through one of the cracks.

For Creative Spark the prompt was a motorcycle. I found two out in Moriches.