Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Berries Galore

This is another small painting for the #30x30DirectWatercolor Challenge. I'd much rather paint something from life, so I searched for something I could use for a still life...and the berries looked so tempting. I have a few more to post in the next few days. I did finish today...and on time!

Monday, June 29, 2020

Blue House

I had a little time to get out yesterday so I headed to Sayville to paint. I can always find some house that calls to me like this little blue one with the hydrangeas and flowers in front of it. This was done directly in watercolors and fits for the challenge...which is almost over.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Brownstone Update

Last night I worked on the brownstone piece. I decided to add some print underneath and covered it with gesso. The next two I did the ink first and then added watercolor. The last section I only added paint on top.

Saturday, June 27, 2020


Today the NYC Urban Sketchers were doing a collaborative project. I didn't really join them because it required committing to getting something done within a specific amount of time, and I can't guarantee that with Jerry's condition I will be free at the right time. Mornings are busy here. The plan was to work from a reference photo of Brooklyn brownstones. The photo showed 5 brownstones and each person on a 5 person team did one building and then they were "joined" together by the team leader.

I liked the reference photo so I decided to start my own version. I did two of the buildings in direct watercolor (so this part meets the challenge). I will probably continue with the other 3 brownstones and finish the reference photo. If I finish I will post the finished piece tomorrow.

Friday, June 26, 2020

White Fence with Flowers

Yesterday morning I found a little time to head into Sayville hoping to find a view to paint. When I saw this white fence with the flowers I knew I had to stop. What is cuter than a white picket fence? I did this in direct watercolor so it is part of my #30x30DirectWatercolor Challenge.

Thursday, June 25, 2020


I am not quite up to date posting for #30x30DirectWatercolor. Some days I just can't get out to do a sketch, so my veggies/fruits will have to do...like in this case.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Lefty Lucy at the Diner

Last evening I was able to arrange my schedule so that I could participate in Lefty Lucy's Costumed in Quarantine Zoom event. This week we joined her at the diner. She wore a diner waitress's outfit, had a coffee pot, a mug, a giant ice cream cone, etc. It was a fun night of poses.

Here are some 5 minute poses.

And a few 10 minute poses.

And a final 20 minute pose.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020


This was done from a photo I took at the Bayard Cutting Arboretum. It was painted directly with watercolors and is part of my #30x30DirectWatercolor Challenge.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Direct Watercolors Day 20 and 21

It is hard to keep track of all the sketching events I'm doing. Both of these were done for the #30x30DirectWatercolor Challenge. The bottom one was done down by the bay in Sayville yesterday. I scooted out for a while as Jerry was napping. I don't like leaving him for too long, but when he naps it is usually for at least 2 hours.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Virtual Vegas

Yesterday the NYC Urban Sketchers did a virtual trip to Las Vegas. We met up on Zoom and then went off to sketch. Jerry and I have been to Vegas a few times, but it has probably been close to 20 years since we were there. I know that the last time we were there we saw Siegfried and Roy's show, so it was before the attack which was in 2002. There are a lot of iconic scenes of Vegas but I knew I wanted to sketch a wedding chapel. Jerry kept telling me that we should renew our vows at one of the chapels with an Elvis impersonator, but I said no. Anyway, the plan was to sketch outside in Vegas in the morning and then do indoor scenes in the afternoon. I wasn't sure how busy my afternoon would be so I did two sketches in the morning...which turned out to be wise since I never got around to doing the afternoon session. It was good to see the other sketchers on Zoom. I missed seeing them the last time. These are not urban sketchs since they were done virtually.

Saturday, June 20, 2020


I am still trying to keep up with the #30x30DirectWatercolor Challenge. Sometimes food just works as a subject. I was already painting the asparagus for the WetCanvas Scavenger Hunt so I did it directly in watercolors.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

House and Fountain

Today I was able to get out and sketch for a while and it felt good. Jerry has been taking a nap in the afternoon, so I make sure to set him up with what he might need...including a phone and I have been able to get out for a little while. I debated over going food shopping or painting but the idea of painting won. I headed into Sayville. I've painted this location a few times before because I love that this homeowner has this big fountain in their yard. This was done directly in watercolor so this counts for my Day 18 #30x30DirectWatercolor.

Yesterday I snuck in a quick sketch before an appointment.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020


I wanted to do a few of the fuschia flowers on my hanging basket out on the patio. This was done directly in watercolor for Day 17 of the #30x30DirectWatercolor Challenge. It was nice to be sitting outside and painting.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020


I am enjoying all the virtual travels to locations picked by the organizers of #VirtualSketch. This is the Iron Bridge in Shropshire, UK. I did it directly in watercolors so it will also fit into the #30x30DirectWatercolor Challenge.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Cut Red Pepper

I am behind in posting for #30x30DirectWatercolor. This one was done from a bit of the fresh produce I bought.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Newport "Cottages"

I continued taking part in the virtual sketching event that the NYC Urban Sketchers were doing yesterday. After my seascape along Cliff Walk I looked around Newport, Rhode Island to find one of the "cottages" to sketch. I liked this one a lot. It isn't as stuffy-looking as some of the big ones. I did this in my Strathmore Toned Tan sketchbook. This is the William G. Weld House on Bellevue Avenue. Again these are not "urban sketches" because they were done virtually.

The afternoon assignment was to do an interior view of one of the cottages. I didn't get around to that until today. This is one of the rooms in Hunter House.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Cliff Walk

The NYC Urban Sketchers did a virtual trip to visit the mansions in Newport, Rhode Island. These mansions which are referred to as "Cottages" are from the guided age when wealthy tycoons from New York and Philadelphia built summer homes along the coast of Rhode Island. We worked from various sources, including videos and photos of the cottages there.

In the morning the goal was to sketch the exteriors of the cottages. I visited this area years ago with my husband and checked out a few of the cottages. I remember walking along Cliff Walk which has beautiful views of the water. It is the same view many of those cottages have from the back of their property. My first sketch was from Cliff Walk looking out at the rocks and the water. This was done directly in watercolors so that it is part of the #30x30DirectWatercolor Challenge. This is not an urban sketch according to the Urban Sketchers criteria since it was not done on location. #nus

Friday, June 12, 2020

Coffee Time

I am hosting the current WetCanvas Scavenger Hunt. Two of the items on my list are "something from my kitchen" and "metal." I combined the two in a still life. This also fits for the #30x30DirectWatercolor Challenge.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Jakarta, Indonesia

For my latest virtual visit with #VirtualSketch I found myself in Jakarta, Indonesia. I looked around for a colorful location that had a distinctive look to it. This is Jin De Yuan Temple. It is funny because I get so used to using ink to make things stand out. It was difficult to make the lanterns stand out from the background color of the building.
I did this in direct watercolor so it would meet the #30x30DirectWatercolor Challenge.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

On the Ponte Vecchio

#VirtualSketch had Florence, Italy as a destination recently. I was there with Jerry for a few days on our first trip to Italy and then visited for a day with a friend who lived in Tuscany. I do remember being on the Ponte Vecchio. There was a man doing paintings that were about the size of a stamp. lol This view I found on Google Street Maps. I also did this directly in watercolor for the #30x30DirectWatercolor Challenge.


Sketched for #VirtualSketch using Google Maps Street View in Bali. Bali was a location I always wanted to visit, but due to the distance I never got there.

Monday, June 8, 2020

Hanging Basket

Lately I have had a few minutes to sit on my patio when things are quiet here. So when my SIL was here the other day she agreed to stay with Jerry while I went out shopping. I bought two hanging baskets to add a little color out there. The view otherwise is green, green, green, with a few tree trunks added in. I did this directly in watercolor so I could add it as my Day 8 painting for #30x30DirectWatercolor.

Sunday, June 7, 2020


I recently thought I had a break before Jerry came home from having his hip surgery, so I went to visit my friend, Susan. She has a wonderful garden and I had hoped to paint some of her flowers. Of course we spent some time catching up with each other since we haven't been together in months. But before I could paint, my phone rang and I had to head back home to take care of some calls before Jerry would be released the following day. I did stop and take a few photos. This is one of her many irises that were in bloom. I couldn't do it from life but I did do it from the photo. 
This is one of the paintings I did as part of this year's 30x30 Direct Watercolor Challenge. So far I am keeping up with one a day.

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Stories and Sketches

Today the NYC Urban Sketcher's event was hosted by a great artist, teacher and friend of mine named Shawne Cooper. Many of Shawne's sketchbook entries include words (often stories) and sketches. She has taught several workshops for the NYC Urban Sketchers on this and I always seem to miss them. I knew I wouldn't have time this morning to work on my story and sketch, but I did "Zoom" into the event and listen a bit to what we were doing. The morning prompt was to select something or someone that we miss. I picked my family. I haven't seen anyone from my family except Jerry and my SIL, Karen, since the beginning of the year. That has been hard. I worked on this later in the day when things were quiet here. This was an emotional entry for me to do, and I thank Shawne for suggesting the prompt.

Friday, June 5, 2020


In the fall the Bayard Cutting Arboretum has a wonderful collection of dahlias that bloom. I the entire dahlia garden there is done by the Long Island Dahlia Society. I used a photo reference I took to do this for #30x30DirectWatercolor. This is my Day 4 painting.

Thursday, June 4, 2020


When I think Salzburg, Austria my mind usually goes to "The Sound of Music." I didn't find any beautiful, sweeping, outside vistas but found this lovely view of a wall and stairs at Mirabell Palace. #virtualsketch has taken me to a lot of interesting places.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Cherries & Malaga, Spain

Today I did a cherry painting for Day 2 of #30x30DirectWatercolor. I love finding these in the stores at this time of year. They are delicious to eat and delicious to sketch.

#Virtual Sketch visited Malaga, Spain recently. I am trying to catch up on a few locations that they've visited that catch my attention.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Trafalgar Square

#VirtualSketch took me to London, to Trafalgar Square. I have such great memories of being there in the early 70s when I was in college. We sat on the steps of the monument near the lions just hanging out with all these people we had met. I wonder if they still allow you to do that.

Every year at this time there is a challenge for 30x30 Direct Watercolors, which means no sketching in pencil first and a watercolor each day of the month. With everything that is going on with Jerry I'm not sure I will get all 30 done, but I'll give it a shot. I did this of Trafalgar Square for #VirtualSketch directly in watercolor as part of the challenge...again I did it on crappy paper. I was too lazy last night to get off the couch and get better paper. lol

Jerry took his first actual walking steps since the surgery last week. He walked about 6 feet and it exhausted him...but it is progress!

Monday, June 1, 2020

La Rochelle, France

#VirtualSketch took me to La Rochelle, France for this trip. How could I pass up this bell tower?