Sunday, August 4, 2013

East End Flower Field

On Saturday my friend, Susan and I had to be in East Hampton to pick up paintings, so we planned to do some painting first. The weather was not soon as we got to our first location it started to drizzle. So we sat in the car to paint at a local farm. I liked the flowers in bloom. They told us that if we came back in about 2 weeks the sunflowers should be in bloom. 


  1. So lovely! Glad there were so many colors of flowers in bloom. They add such a gay feeling to this piece!

  2. A beautiful watercolor, Joan!! Love this time of the year when you see color everywhere!!!

  3. Another example of a complex foreground well handled. A delightful sketch Joan!!!

  4. Thanks, Sherry. It had a Monet's Garden kind of feel.

    Hilda - The fields out east are so great. Thanks.

    Kivin - Thank you so much!