Monday, August 12, 2013

Flowers in a Vase

Every once in a while even I do something besides plein air. I had bought this bouquet of flowers at a farm stand and figured I needed to paint it while it still looked fresh.
This is 8 x 10.


  1. This painting is so fresh and lovely.
    I can see why you couldn't resist painting this bouquet of flowers. The colors are wonderful together and one of my favorite harmonies.

  2. Hello Joan!
    As always I am trying to keep up with your wonderful posts! I check your blog daily but find it difficult to write. But I am out there!
    I love Flo's and the lobsters! Today's flowers are beautiful! I love the colors. A bit of early fall? Nice!

  3. Wonderful colors in this beautiful bouquet, Joan!!!

  4. Pretty bouquet! Nice job on my favorite subject.

  5. The flowers are lovely, but you know what really impresses me? The water line inside the vase. This is always so much harder to do than it looks!

  6. Beautiful fresh arrangement Joan!! Gorgeous combination of oranges and lavender color. I love how you kept the vase loose!
    I'm happier seeing your work on your blog rather than on Wet Canvas-it's too easy to miss something there.

  7. Looks a lovely wildflower bunch. I love how you included the water in the vase too.

  8. Julie - Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and comment.

    Michael - Nice to know you are still out there! I keep checking your blog and looking for new posts. Thanks!

    Mickey - Thank you!

    Tina - Thanks. The soft edges helped. lol

    Celia - Someone did a good job of putting the collection of flowers together...and it wasn't me. Thanks so much. It is much easier to see the work on a blog and read about the process too. That's what I like.

    Sherry - Thank you!

  9. Joan - these flowers look so fresh...your colors are so soft and yet the rudebeckias - they warm the bouquet. This may not be plein air but I like it! Happy painting today friend. As always thank you so much for sharing.

  10. Debbie - Thanks. It was en plein kitchen. lol