Saturday, August 17, 2013

Red Hook, Brooklyn

Today the NYC Urban Sketchers met in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Some members took the ferry from Manhattan, but Susan and I drove instead. This was my first trip to Red Hook and it is quite an unusual place. Our first stop to sketch was at the Fairway Market, the first stop for the ferry. Out back they have tables and food stands. We sat in the partial shade of an umbrella.

I also sketched one of the windows on the upper floor of Fairway Market.

Next we headed to the Red Hook Yacht Club, which is sort of a men's club in this crazy building filled with all kinds of things from the 60s. The men inside were quite the characters, and so nice to us.

Here is an actual photo of the place from the outside...

and the inside. Don't you love that car?

Here are Mike and Melanie sketching.

And Mark sketching.

The it was off to the Brooklyn Crab for lunch. I sketched a few of the patrons.

After lunch we headed down the street to continue sketching the views.

Here's the real thing. Isn't the Statue of Liberty great?


  1. What an excellent day of sketching you had!

  2. She is indeed awesome. I love each of your sketches and enjoy your people sketches. Your skills just keep getting better and better!

  3. Tina - Thanks so much. It is always fun to go out with the group to very different locations. Two of the sketchers had gone to Barcelona and it was fun to hear their stories.

    Sherry - Thanks so much!

  4. It looks like you had a great day! I'm sorry I couldn't meet you. I ended up in Coney Island with my husband, sister and nephews and there were just as many "interesting characters" there too.

    Great sketches Joan! I love the ones of the views. I will have to check out the Red Hook Yacht Club!

    Hope to be able to meet you next time.

  5. How lucky you are to have done all this sketching and your sketches are wonderful. I've heard of this Red Hook Yacht Club before from another blog, love your photos as it makes it real (to someone over the pond)! lol.

  6. Carol - Thank you. You would have had a great time. See you next time.

    Ann - Thanks so much. I can't believe you heard of the Red Hook Yacht Club over there. lol

  7. I've been to Red Hook many times to see Art shows and I love the area! Very Artsy!!! Amazing sketches here, Joan. The Statue of Liberty is beautiful!!