Sunday, November 18, 2018

Swag Bags and On to the Draw-A-Thon Part 1

I know some of you were wondering what we got in our swag bags from Blick. Let me just say that they were prepared with about 100 bags in case we had a big turnout. Some of the merchandise was from the store itself but Caran d'Ache had their own little bags for us filled with art treasures. I arranged everything we received on my kitchen table this morning. My hubby was impressed with what I came home with. This includes the extras that Caran d'Ache gave us too.

In addition all customers coming into the store had the chance to spin a prize wheel and get a gift ranging from gift cards, paints, sketchbooks, aprons, etc. I got a small set of some kind of acrylic paints that I will gift to some artist that will use them.

After lunch I won a watercolor pad and a set of koi watercolor paints. We shopped at the store for a while and I'm sure they made money off of us since everyone I know that was there bought several things. lol (We never do seem to have enough supplies.) All I know was that my backpack weighed a ton and I had to carry it into the city.

From Brooklyn many of us headed into Manhattan to the Draw-A-Thon at the High School of Art and Design on 56th St. This is one of their big fundraisers. You pay a fee to enter and there are two big rooms with models posing from around 9am until 6pm. One room is strictly nudes and there are 4 areas set up. Two are for long poses and the same pose is held all day long. In the third area the model does mostly quick gesture poses that last from 2 - 10 minutes. The last area the model poses for about 10 minutes each time. I went to that area and sketched for about an hour and a half.

During a short break I started sketching the woman to the left of me who was sketching with her legs resting on a chair. I sketched the model when she posed again but at one point she was down on the platform and I couldn't see her from where I was sitting, so I went back to sketching some of the other people sketching in the room.

When I got tired of the nude models I went to the other room which was much more fun...but that's for tomorrow.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Sketching Brooklyn

Today the NYC Urban Sketchers were invited to help celebrate the opening weekend of the new Blick store on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. They were celebrating with special classes and giveaways. When we got there they supplied coffee and muffins to anyone coming to the store. It looked like it was a small store, but it was deceptively large and well-stocked and the staff was so great. Mark had arranged to lead a sketch walk in the neighborhood. But before we went out we were each given a big, red swag bag from Blick with all sorts of great materials, plus a bag from Caran d'Ache, and small sketchbooks from Strathmore. They told us to go out and sketch for a while and that lunch would be waiting for us when we got back.They were really so nice to us! 

We did head out to sketch in the neighborhood. We were all bundled up but only lasted about an hour and a half before we were so cold that we had to go inside. Here is my sketch and a few photos of some of the other sketchers.

After lunch they raffled off gifts for us including sketchbooks, Koi watercolor sets, and gift cards.
It was quite a welcome!

Friday, November 16, 2018

After the Snow

Yesterday we had a very early snowstorm that made a mess of roads and commutes for many people in the tri-state area. Nobody expected it to hit as hard as it did. It took some people 6 hrs to do a ride home that usually takes less than one. Luckily I was home and didn't have to go anywhere. It was pretty when it was coming down if you were inside...or peeking outside like me.

I guess I was a little too late when I went out this morning because there was barely any snow anywhere. It had fallen off all the trees and the only place there was snow was in small piles on the ground. I looked for a spot to sit and paint and surprisingly enough there was still some autumn color that wasn't killed by the snowstorm. This was done by the Islip Grange in Sayville.

Thursday, November 15, 2018


The autumn colors are pretty much gone...and after the bit of snow we got today I think that will be it for the season. I headed into Patchogue for some errands and found a good parking spot facing Catch Oyster Bar. It is a cute place but very small. There are cushions on the window seat where there are usually people sitting. The restaurant hadn't opened yet when I was there.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Holiday Time

It is a little early for Christmas sketches but in December the Patchogue Sketch Club will be putting sketches into the display case at the Pat/Med Library where we meet every week. To make sure we have holiday related sketches to show we sketched holiday items this week, and will sketch more the week after Thanksgiving. Everyone came in with such fun objects to sketch. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Bellport Yellows

Aside from a few select areas the color  has faded here. Most of the trees that still have leaves have turned brown. Then the few that have yellows like these in Bellport seem to pop more.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Arboretum Autumn

Yesterday I took a ride to the Bayard Cutting Arboretum in Great River to look for colorful trees. It was cold and I wasn't planning to sketch outside, so I needed to be able to park somewhere with a view. This spot attracted me.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Sketching the Egyptian Collection

Due to the cold weather forecast the NYC Urban Sketchers met at the Brooklyn Museum to sketch the Egyptian Collection. The museum doesn't open until 11 so my plan was to go to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden greenhouse for an hour first. But when I checked to make sure it opened at 10:00 I also found out they discontinued their policy of free admission before noon. It didn't pay (pardon the pun) to pay full admission for less than an hour of sketching. I decided to head to Brooklyn at the same time figuring I could find something to sketch when I got there. The problem is there isn't a lot of street parking but I took my chance. I lucked out and found a spot right near the paid parking lot that is for both the museum and gardens...and I was parked right near this entry gate for the Brooklyn Botanic Garden so I was able to sit in my car and sketch.

I headed off to the museum next and met the other sketchers. We've sketched the Egyptian collection before so I was looking for something unusual. I wanted to sketch one of the mummy cases. As I walked around this one I found that if I sat on a certain side of the glass case I could see the work area behind it with a hoist. They were working on a few of the installations in the area but not the piece I selected. I think adding the work area background added a bit more interest to this composition.

After a lunch break I headed back upstairs and sketched a few of the statues. The one of the couple was interesting but her arm was missing. A lot of the statues of gods had broken noses. Apparently  they believed that if the nose was broken the god would have no power.

Here I am at our "show and tell" later in the day. My thanks to Louis Gutterman for the photo.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

A Touch of Autumn

Yesterday we had some rain but I was out and wanted to get a sketch done. I sat in my car down near the bay in Sayville to paint some of the color that was left. Tina Koyama, the tree on the right reminded me of the many, many cropped trees you've sketched.

Friday, November 9, 2018

New Alcohol Ink Tiles

I've been working on alcohol ink tiles and ornaments for the upcoming shows I am taking part in. I have one that I am doing with a group of artists on Small Business Saturday, another the following weekend at the South Country Library, and then my PALS Plein Air annual show. I've been trying to make some new designs, but even when I redo a subject they are never the same as the original because the alcohol inks are so unpredictable. Take a look and let me know your favorites. There are some winter scenes included.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Camera Night

The Patchogue Sketch Club had cameras as our subject for sketching last night. Several of the members had old camera and equipment that were fun to sketch. We had lots of different kinds to choose from. First I did this one which was a Kodak box type camera.

When I finished with the one above there was an old camera with its back facing me. I'm not sure what camera the leather cover belonged to. I brought along the canister of film. It was something that was in with some old cameras and equipment that belonged to my father-in-law.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Heading East

It was a mild day today and I decided to go capture some color before it is gone. I headed down to South Country Road in East Patchogue again, this time heading east. A lot of the trees that I painted the other day have lost the bulk of their leaves but this spot looked pretty good. Since it is a narrow road with not much leeway on the sides I opted to do this from my "mobile studio."

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Starbucks Stop

We have had two days of damp, chilly weather. Yesterday I had a meeting in the morning and I couldn't come up with a place to sit in the car and sketch through the raindrops. So I made a stop at Starbucks in Patchogue. It is easy to park there and there are always people who hang around for a bit who make great models.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Oscar Wilde Restaurant

Most of the time when the NYC Urban Sketchers meet we end the sketching day around 3:00 and have a "show and tell." Sometimes we meet outdoors but more often than not we head to a local watering hole for a drink and maybe a bit of food. We have gone to some interesting places...some dives, some rather expensive places, some dark places not too conducive to showing your work, and then there was the Oscar Wilde Restaurant. It boasts that it has New York City's longest bar at 118.5 feet, featuring Carrara marble and gold draft taps across the length of the restaurant. Their whiskey bar is a repurposed 1819  player piano, and home to over 300 varieties of whiskey. There is gold and glitz everywhere!!! If you would like to see some photos here is a link.

We had about 14/15 people meet there at the end of the day. Immediately everyone took out their sketchbooks because they had to capture something of our ornate surroundings. I did a sketch of the bar area that was facing me as well as a few of my sketching friends. It was really difficult to focus on a small area because the place is just so overwhelming.

Sketchers love to share and are usually so willing to let each other try pens, inks, papers, etc, so I always come away with something I want to buy. lol Rob Sketcherman and his wife joined us for drinks and he let people try the program he uses on the iPad Pro. He was just so generous and willing to share what he does and how he does it. It was a real pleasure meeting him. If you are interested in seeing some of his work here is a link to his blog.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

High Line Sketches

I got to the High Line area earlier than our meeting time but Mark, our organizer was already down at street level sketching. It had stopped drizzling but was blustery and a bit cold. I was wearing several layers but decided I needed a hat too. Luckily there was a street vendor with a cart selling hats and scarves...perfect. I sat down and did a small sketch of the view down the street. The small sketches are probably about 2 x 2 1/2 inches long.

A few other sketchers arrived including a visitor from Maine and we headed up to the High Line, a raised greenway build on a former rail spur to the NY Central Railroad.  We were in luck because there were lots of fall colors on the trees and bushes...but it was very windy! I thought ahead and brought clips to hold my sketchbook pages down so they didn't keep blowing. This sketch was done in just watercolors.

We had another urban sketching visitor, Rob Sketcherman and his wife who were here from Hong Kong. Rob is a well-known digital artist who works on an iPad Pro using Procreate. He was in NYC because he had done a presentation at the Apple Conference that took place this past week. He is a digital sketching master and has taught at several of the Urban Sketching Symposiums. Here he is at work. 

Before we moved off to lunch I had enough time to do another quick small sketch.

More about our day tomorrow.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Train Passengers

Today I went into the city on the Long Island Railroad to meet up with the NYC Urban Sketchers. On the way in I had a great view of these 3 ladies. From what I gathered from their conversation today was the birthday of the lady in the middle. I think the two on either side were daughters and seated directly across facing them were two granddaughters. I showed them the sketch before we got off the train and they were laughing that I sketched the one on the left eating her bagel. lol

Tomorrow I will post the other sketches from the day.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Brookhaven Fall

It was damp and rainy for most of today with a few clear periods of time. I drove to Brookhaven and parked in front of a field. I liked the color of the trees as well as the autumnal grasses.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Autumn Colors

It seems like overnight and the autumn colors popped. Yahoo!!!  The color is still in selected areas but this is the first true impressive color we have seen here on Long Island this season. When I saw the touches of color this morning I took a ride over to South Country Road in East Patchogue which usually has these impressive red/orange colored trees. They didn't disappoint today! Even though the temperatures were very mild for November I sat in my car (with the windows open) to paint because I was on a fairly busy street. As I told a photo to post this on my blog I noticed I forgot to paint the double yellow stripe down the center of the road...right now it is white.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Inktober 2018 - Day 31 - Finally!

The last day of Inktober 2018 has arrived and I am glad to see it end. I think I did too many sketches the same way. Next year I will have to change it up a bit. For my Day 31 sketch I did a complex scene directly in ink...lots of details at La Corte's Farm Stand in Mastic.
To those of you who also took on the challenge of Inktober this year, congrats to you if you completed a sketch every day or if you only did a few. That's a few more ink sketches than you would have done if you didn't participate. And to those of you who actually followed the prompts each day, my hat is off to you.
#inktober, #inktober2018

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Inktober 2018 - Day 30 - At the Suffolk County Farm

This morning I was at the Suffolk County Farm in Yaphank with my PALS Plein Air group. It was very windy and cold. I wasn't sure if it would be warm enough to paint/sketch, but I lucked out and found a building that blocked the wind for me. I'm going to post the painting first since I did that first.

When I finished the painting I went to see if any of the other artists were still around. A few had left due to the cold but a few were still around and we chatted for a bit while Jeanne worked on her painting. When everyone left I found a spot to sit where the wind wasn't too bad and did my Day 30 sketch for Inktober. Just one more day!
#inktober, #inktober2018

Monday, October 29, 2018

Inktober 2018 - Day 29 & Today's Tiles

Inktober is nearly over. Here is my Day 29 sketch done while sitting outside the Sensationally Sweet Gourmet Candy shop in Patchogue. It was too windy to sit outside...and I was too lazy to get out of my car. lol I did use my orange micron pen to give it a little Halloween color. I am hosting the Scavenger Hunt over on WetCanvas this week and one of the items I listed was "having to do with Halloween" so when I passed by this shop I pulled over and backed up to park in front of it. I didn't dare go in!
#inktober, #inktober2018

I've got to keep the alcohol ink tile momentum going. Here are two that I did today.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Inktober 2018 - Day 28 - At the Car Show

Today I headed out to Riverhead to a classic car show that was being held outside the Hotel Indigo. My thinking was that this would be a good place for my Day 28 Inktober sketch. I've been wanting to make some notecards with cars on them so I brought along good, loose paper that was 5 x 7 to sketch on. As you came in there was this vintage 1927 Ford parked by the hotel. I found a spot to sit across from it where it should be a pretty clear view to see the car. It worked well and nobody blocked me for more than 2 seconds. Several people wandered over to look at what I was doing. When I finished I took a few photos of it and the actual car.
#inktober, #inktober2018

Here are a few other cars that caught my eye. It seemed like it would be too disruptive to sit and sketch any of these in the middle of all the people so I took photos and started to leave. 

But on my way out there was a Harley that was parked right near where I had been sitting earlier, so I stopped to sketch it. While I was sketching the bike a man came over and said that people told him I had been sketching his car earlier and he asked to see the sketch. He wanted to know if it was for sale and bought it. So this year Inktober has been a financial success with a sale. lol I'm glad I had taken a photo of the sketch earlier, so I can still make prints of the sketch.

Anyway, here is the Harley that I sketched. This one I did in ink and watercolors.