Tuesday, August 6, 2013

East End Water Sketches

My last two sketches on Saturday have to do with water, so I'll post them together.
After the farm stand we drove out to Montauk, which is the furthest point east on the south fork of Long Island. We had lunch and then headed toward the harbor. We ended up on Star Island with a wonderful view of the boats and water...and we could paint from the car which was necessary because it was still drizzling. This is the view of the fishing trawler we had in front of us.  This is 5 x 7.

On the way we had passed a sign about a shark fishing tournament. Susan asked a police officer where it was taking place and we drove about the length of two blocks to the Star Island Yacht Club. By this time the sun finally came out and we could paint outside of the car. There was quite a crowd of people waiting for the sharks to be brought in, but we couldn't stay long because we had to be back in East Hampton by 5:30. There was a big replica of a shark hanging by the dock, so we had to settle for sketching that. I included a few people in the sketch too...but there were many more than I was able to do in a short time. Susan wants to go back another time and sketch some of the big fish that are brought in, so you may see them at another time. lol


  1. Both pieces are wonderful. Admittedly I'm feeling sorry for the hanging fish there, but I do love that style of art work you did!

  2. ...these are fab, especially that boat, love it, but I too feel a little sorry for the poor hanging shark...

  3. Love both the painting and sketch. It sounds an interesting place and certainly looks to have inspiration for art :)

  4. Sherry - We were hoping for a live one and had to settle. Thanks.

    Kat - Thank you.

    Ann - Thanks. We had a fun day.