Sunday, August 18, 2013

Holbrook Carnival

This has been one busy weekend of sketching for me. Today the weather wasn't great...mostly overcast with light showers from time to time. I went out early in the day to an art show and visited with some friends doing the show before we walked around to see the art.

When I got home I debated if I should go to the pool and get some exercise between the showers, but decided it was too cool. So I grabbed my bag of sketching supplies and headed to the carnival here in Holbrook. It is run by All County Amusements who handle most of the carnivals in the area. I've sketched at their carnivals before.

First I stood near the kiddie caterpillar ride. Luckily the rides didn't last too long so I was able to sketch a bit more each time the ride stopped.

Next I sketched the umbrella ride. It isn't easy to sketch a moving ride, so I sketched the cars as they stopped to slowly unload. While I was sketching the owner of the carnival came over to see what I was doing. I gave him my art business card so he could see the sketches on my blog when they were finished. He said the purple car is his favorite...mine too.

I did the above two sketches standing up, but I found a bench to sit on to sketch the "win a 
live goldfish" toss game.

This last sketch I did from the same bench looking over at one of the "food" stalls.
I got it sketched and painted about half way when it started to drizzle...not good for watercolors. lol
So I finished this one when I got home.


  1. Great sketches, and what fun to sketch at a carnival!

  2. These sketches are fun Joan, just like the carnival!

  3. How fabulous! I totally agree with Celia!

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful these sketches!!!

  5. Joan I can see these sketches in a children's book - they are delightful. You certainly captured the fun of a carnival. Have a great week.

  6. Oh what funfilled sketches these are, so cheerful, lovely use of colour in these!! Re- previous post, love the "Liberty" sketches and that yaght club looks the sort of place where I could spend a very enjoyable time. I love delving about in places like that and can drive my wife mad. Your sketch is really evocative. Top stuff!!

  7. Oh I love this post and would love to have been there with you

  8. Tina - Thanks. Like you, I like anything different.

    Celia - Thanks!!

    Sherry - Thank you.

    Hilda - It is a noisy place but fun. Thanks.

    Debbie - A book about a carnival would be fun. Thank you.

    Kevin - I'm sure you would have loved the yacht club. Thank you!

    Polly - I would have enjoyed the company. Thanks!