Friday, August 16, 2019

Paris Art

Although I wasn't in Paris for too many days I had some museums that I wanted to visit. I set aside  a day to visit museums stopping at the Musee d'Orsay first. I love the Degas statue of the little dancer and sketched that in pencil.

My favorite area was the Impressionists. It was still early and I was able to capture one lone visitor with some of the artwork.

The clock on the interior of the d'Orsay is one of my favorite parts of the structure of the museum. They renovated it since I was there and the clock isn't quite as prominent in the cafe.

There was a wonderful special exhibit of the work of Berthe Morisot. She is a founding figure of the Impressionist group and was considered to be one of the most technically daring artist in the movement. Probably due to the fact that she was a woman her work was shown much less frequently than than her fellow artists of the time and she was not nearly as famous as the others. Much of the work on display was figures in landscapes or settings and was beautiful. 

Next I headed to the Orangerie which displays Monet's waterlilies as he wanted them the round. It is a very moving experience to see them. I can't figure out how to show a video so I can't show them to you. 

I made a visit to the Sennelier store...I just had to and bought a few pens and some paper.

On my way to the Orangerie I passed the Louve. I sketched it but didn't go in.  I used one one of the new pens I bought at the Sennelier store.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Next Stop Paris

My time in Amsterdam did come to an end and I headed to Paris on the high-speed Thalys train. It only took 3 1/2 hrs and then probably that long to find my way to the correct metro stop for my hotel. lol Of course I couldn't resist sketching on the train on the way there. This mother and daughter were sitting across the aisle from me.

My hotel was on the Ile de la Cite, a small island in the Seine. To get to it I had to walk past Notre Dame which has fencing around it. I did take a photo of it from the front. They seem to be doing a lot of work and making progress. From the front, aside from the spire being missing it doesn't look bad. But then again I couldn't see behind the fence and the bottom of the cathedral. There is a lot of scaffolding inside and toward the back. 

I made plans to meet on of the NYC Urban Sketchers who was also in Paris at the time. She suggested meeting at Shakespeare and Company, a famous bookstore there. I went a little early and sketched the top of the restaurant next to it.

There was an artist there painting and selling her work. I did a very small, quick sketch of her and a customer.

After dinner, Lois and I walked around the Ile de la Cite a bit. There were lots of people picnicking along the Seine.

The sun was starting to set over Paris. 

Being that we were both sketchers we did sit down and do an evening sketch.

My first day in Paris was great!

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Side Trip to Haarlem

Suzala and I did a second day trip, this time to Haarlem. It was also a pretty city with some really nice streets. For some reason I only did two sketches there and this one I already posted. Part of our day was spent shopping for art supplies. It is required that if there is an art store you must see if there is something that you have to have. lol

I did take some photos in Haarlem. This was the parking area for all the bikes for the people who take the train to work...just rows and rows of bikes checked and waiting.

We were sketching across from a building that was built sometime in the 1600s. Later we were told that it was originally a butcher shop for years and years. Inside was a statue of a pig that had been in the original shop. The information we got was from the owner of the restaurant we were sketching next to. He told us all about Haarlem.

Here are a few of the original signs from the businesses that were there.

It wouldn't be the Netherlands without seeing these.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Day Trip to Delft

When the symposium was over we did a day trip to Delft, home of the famous pottery. It is only about 35 minutes by train. Delft is similar to Amsterdam in that it has canals and old buildings but the pace is much calmer since there are really so few people compared to Amsterdam.

My first sketch was of the Old Kerk, or Old Church. It is tilted about 2 meters to the right...doesn't look safe to me but they say it is.

The Deflt kissing girl and boy welcomed us.

Delft has a pretty windmill, the de Roos Windmill.

The buildings were similar to those in Amsterdam, especially the roofs.

We went to a Delft pottery shop and the woman was painting the pottery.


Monday, August 12, 2019

Towers of Amsterdam

Amsterdam had a lot of towers as parts of buildings. The main meeting place for the Symposium was  Zuiderkerk which had a wonderful spire. It is part of a 17th century Protestant church.


Here is a distant view of it from the canal.

I sketched with a group at the Montelbaanstoren Tower.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Bits of Amsterdam

The last sketch walk was up near the Nemo Science Center. I sat outside along the wharf and there were some interesting boats like this one.

One night we went to Vatten Ramen, a restaurant which was overlooking one of the canals. Of course it was a sketching opportunity.

Here is Suzala busy sketching the view.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Umbrellas and Sunsets

Some of the sketches are being shown out of order, but I will give you the background for each. This one was done on my last afternoon in Amsterdam. I loved the colorful umbrellas going down toward the statue in the middle of the street.

While the Symposium was going on in the evening there would be a "drink and draw" at the Amstelhoeck, a restaurant near the Amstel River. We headed over there one evening to socialize with some of the other sketchers and sketch some of the people at the tables.

In case you were wondering about the bird that keeps appearing on some of my sketches, he is a heron named A'dam (short for Amsterdam) who was the mascot/symbol of the symposium.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Cheese and More

I sketched this location of Cheese & More near Dam Square in Amsterdam. I just loved seeing all the cheese wheels lined up so perfectly. This was the back entrance to the shop. I did go in and sample the cheese...even brought some home.

Up near the Red Light District I found this corner just down from the ladies in their windows. The area is a little strange...well a lot strange. No photos of the ladies are allowed and I didn't sketch them either. lol

There was a very popular store there with interesting displays. I will leave it up to you if you want to take a closer look and see what they were selling. 

My favorite store there was the Amsterdam Duck store which sold ducks wearing all kinds of costumes. I did buy one of the artist ducks (second and third rows down, 3rd from the right). 

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Amsterdam Here and There

There are so many really nice places in Amsterdam. This is the Aluminum Bridge which was one of my favorites. I went out and took some sunrise photos from it on my first full day in Amsterdam.

This was done at the Sprui area of Amsterdam.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Nieuwmarket Sketches

Yes, I am finally home from my sketching adventures. I will try to go back and post some of the work that I didn't get to from Amsterdam and Paris...and also visit some blogs. All of that is just too difficult when I'm traveling. I spent some time tonight reading the comments you all have posted on the sketches I did while I was away. Even that isn't easy to do on my iPad when I'm gone.

Anyway there was a very nice square in Amsterdam called Nieuwmarket. Most days there were food trucks and vendors so shopping was fun. On Suzala's last day we headed over there only to find that the market area was being used for part of Amsterdam's Gay Pride Celebrations. They were bringing in beer trucks, constructing a stage and there were workmen all over. We decided to sketch there and since it started to drizzle we tucked ourselves under an overhang from one of the beer stands. This building looked so festive with all the pink, white and yellow balloons. It sort of looks like a Disney castle.

Across the street was a restaurant with some colorful green umbrellas.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Montmartre Visit

For my last day in Paris I wanted to visit Montmartre which is on a hill overlooking Paris. My friend, Lois from NYC and a new friend, Yukie who is a sketcher from the USK Paris group joined us. We sketched the Sacre Coeur Basilica.  I left room on the page for some lettering. The fence there is filled with padlocks placed by sweethearts so I sketched those too.

Next we stopped for lunch and sketched the view across from us. At that point it started raining. I am glad we came somewhat prepared for that.

We stopped at the Monmatre Museum which had nice umbrellas over tables in the garden. We were sketching for a while when it really started to pour. We huddled close under the umbrella but things were still getting wet. You can see some rain spots on my painting which isn’t quite finished. My backpack and purse ended up sitting in a large puddle of water. We packed up as quickly as we could and ran to the cafe to escape the rain.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Monet’s Garden

Today I took the train to Giverny to Monet’s Garden. I did 2 small 5x7 paintings by the lily pond. Then I started another paining in the other side of the garden and a guard told me painting wasn’t allowed  without a special reservation.   I walked around and met my friend, Sandrine. She also wanted to paint so we tried again but were told the same thing. We had worked fast anticipating the guard would come over so we would have something done. I can’t get a good photo of that in the room here so I will post it another time.