Wednesday, March 22, 2017

From the Sea

The Patchogue Sketch Club met last week...indoors because of the temps that are still too cold for outdoor sketching in the evening. This week's theme was items from the sea. With all the different shells and beach glass we had lots to sketch.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tree in Snow

The snow from our last storm lasted for a bit, so I headed out to sketch what was left of it. This was done in a Strathmore Gray Toned sketchbook using watercolors, ink, watercolor pencils, and a white colored pencil.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Welcome to Spring & The Final Part of the Urban Sketching Day

Happy First Day of Spring!!!
 In the spirit of the day I wanted to paint some outdoor flowers today. My good friend and fellow sketcher, Susan, who lives nearby is always ready to share her garden treasures with me. I called her this morning to check that something was in bloom in her garden and she told me to come on over. She works from home, so we chatted for a little while and then she went inside to work while I painted her crocuses, hellebores, and heather. Luckily it was sunny and warm enough to spend some time in the garden without freezing. Thanks, Susan!

On most occasions when the NYC Urban Sketchers gather, we meet at the end of our sketching day to share our work over drinks. I think we had about 20 people with us at the Brooklyn Museum and we headed out at about 4 to Tooker's Alley, a bar nearby. They open at 4 so we didn't worry about it being too crowded for us...and Mark always lets them know we are coming. Once everyone has a drink or whatever they order we start sharing our sketches from the day. It is always fun to see how everyone else captures the same or almost the same views. Some people do a lot of quick sketches and some people complete one longer piece. We have 2 rules when we can't say anything negative about someone's sketches and you can't say anything negative about your own. The second rule is the hard one. LOL

In addition to sharing our sketches, almost everyone immediately whips out a sketchbook and starts sketching the other sketchers at the table or the other patrons where we are. It is good because the other sketchers usually don't get up and move...although they move around some talking to people to their right or left. I was able to get two sketches each with several people seated opposite me.

As you can see from the three days of was quite a busy day!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Then On To The Brooklyn Museum

After sketching the flowers that I posted yesterday, Susan and I went to meet the other NYC Urban Sketchers at the Brooklyn Museum. We spent most of the day in the African wing where there were great sculptures and artifacts to sketch. The museum didn't stop us from using ink or watercolors so my sketches are a combination of both.

My two sketches done before lunch:

Sketches done after lunch.

There was time for one more sketch before we were meeting to share our work...but no time to add color. (He looks like he's undergoing some kind of acupuncture.)

Then it was off to have drinks and share our work...more tomorrow.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Quick Trip to the Botanic Gardens

Last Saturday the NYC Urban Sketchers were meeting at the Brooklyn Museum. My friend and I like to get an early start from out here and the museum didn't open until 11. But right next door is the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (how lucky) and they open at 10. So we headed to the garden and had time for a quick 30 minute sketch of one of the indoor exhibits in the greenhouse. I did this directly in watercolors.

Outside the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens looked much different than when we usually visit in the spring. We had snow the day before. Here is the Japanese pond...the snowy version.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Snowy Branch

In the past week or so we have had snow twice. The first snowstorm was last Friday and we got about  12 inches of snow. It was thick and heavy and looked so pretty. Once it stopped I had to go out and sketch it. I walked around our apartment complex and had to sketch this while the snow was still clustered on the tree branches. Even as I was sketching the snow was falling off the branches onto my page. lol This was sketched with my Elegant Writer pen so I could let it bleed for shadows.

Our second snowstorm was this Tuesday. They predicted 10-14 inches but the storm turned and we got about 4-5 inches before it turned over to sleet and then heavy rain. It washed away most of it here, but ride north on Long Island about 25 minutes and there is a big difference. I really didn't mind more snow...I think I've had enough, but it is pretty when it is freshly fallen like the first storm.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Beach Dunes

All those people for so many days made me need to get back to the beach and sketch. It was still too cold here to sit outside, but since it isn't beach season I was able to park anywhere I wanted in the parking lot and found a great view from the car.