Wednesday, July 29, 2015


I haven't made it to portrait sketching in a while but I did last night to find this handsome gentleman as our model. One of the older ladies in the group saw him in a local restaurant and sent the waitress over to ask him if he would model for us. lol He was really a good sport and told us his wife is an artist so he supports the arts.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

SketchCrawl #48

Saturday was the 48th World Wide SketchCrawl. My friend, Susan and I decided to stay local and headed over to the Suffolk County Farm in Yaphank. My first sketch was of a calf, but after coming over to greet us he turned and sat with his back to us.

The red barn is where they sometimes feed the cows if they are not out in the pasture. I like when they bring them in because they eat at a trough and you can get real close. They were nowhere to be found...just our luck.

This is one of the silos on the farm. I'm not sure what is inside...and I should have checked since the door was open.

There was a kid's birthday party going on, so there were moms and their kids over by the animals. I sketched these two little girls and their mom who were checking out one of the horses.

Over in the fenced area were a few other animals...a piglet

and a rooster and a goat.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Beach Sketches

I've done a few pen sketches at the beach recently. I'm practicing my crowds and drawing directly in ink. These were done at Smith Point Park.

For this one I started with the large lady in the middle, got her half done and she went into the water. So I sketched the guy in front of her who now looks puny next to her. I finished her when she came back.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Lavender Field

My plein air group went to Lavender By the Bay in East Marion recently. I just love that place!!! The fragrance is wonderful and it is so pretty. It started off as a cloudy day and of course as soon as I got out in the field it started to sprinkle. lol I put up my plein air umbrella and continued painting. It was so humid the paper never seemed to dry. I used some kosher salt to make the patterns in the lavender.

Here is the view and the painting.

Saturday, July 25, 2015


When I was down Blue Point Avenue the other night I also sketched a kayaker who was putting his kayak into the water. This is one of my sketches that is currently on exhibit at the new gallery I have been talking about in Bellport, called the Paper Cup Studio.

Today was the opening of the Paper Cup Studio. Here is LuAnn Thompson, owner in front of the display of paper cups that different artists painted or decorated.

Here I am in front of two of my smaller sketches.

Here is my friend, Susan, in front of two of her sketches of motorcycles.
If you look behind her, one of my sketches is hanging there. It sold today. Yay!!!

Here is a larger version of the one that sold.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Blue Point Avenue

On Wednesday my sketch group went down to the water at the end of Blue Point Avenue.There is some nice scenery.

I also sketched a kayaker. I think he was putting the kayak in the water.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Waiting at LAX

Like all good things, my trip to CA came to an end. My final sketch was done in the departure area of LAX Terminal 3. There are always some people around in airports. They make great models.

Now to the reason for the trip...the wedding of Kelly and Jeff.
Jeff's brother did the wedding ceremony.

Exchanging the rings - Kelly, Mike, Jeff

Presenting Mr and Mrs Jeffrey Finn

The first dance.

Me, Kelly, and Jeff

With my siblings - Joe, Tina, Mickey and me.