Friday, July 3, 2015

Smith Point Marina Views I & II

These were done last week from the parking lot of the Smith Point Marina which is at the foot of the bridge that goes over to Smith Point Park on Fire Island. I was facing towards the mainland. It was so windy that day that I couldn't paint outdoors, I had to sit in the car.

This one has a bit of the parking lot in it.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Painted Paper Cups

One of the art galleries in Bellport that our groups use for shows has closed. My friend, LuAnn owns the building which also includes her shop, Bellport Art and Framing which is next door. LuAnn is reopening the gallery as the Paper Cup Studio which will have exhibits, classes, and gatherings. When the gallery reopens next month one of the things she plans on exhibiting for the opening are hand decorated/painted paper cups. I picked up four cups from LuAnn and have finished the first two. I am painting them with what else...watercolors. It is a challenge because the watercolor drips and pools as the cup edge turns so I have to paint it slowly and let it dry a bit before I turn it to continue painting.  I am showing a few views around each cup. You can see one is a floral and one is an undersea design. I haven't decided if I'm going to spray them with a fixative or not. I'll have to test it out on a sample cup to make sure it doesn't drip and ruin the design. I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Train Sketches

When I went into the city on Saturday I took the Long Island Railroad in. They were forecasting rain for the afternoon, so I didn't want to have a long distance to drive home from the subway if it was raining. The LIRR train station on the other hand is only about 10 minutes from me. It was a relaxing ride and I was able to sketch.

This lady had a suitcase with her and told someone across from her (who I couldn't see) that she had been watching her grandkids for the last week and was heading back home to Pennsylvania...grandma goes home I guess.

The man on the bottom was checking his cell phone on the way into the city. The woman above him was with a group of 3 other women on the return trip. They were very obviously having a good time...lots of laughs and some interesting conversation.

Sometimes I have a few minutes in Penn Station before my train is scheduled to depart. There are always lots of people standing around. I had about 10 minutes to sketch this group.

I made this young man look a bit older than he actually was. He looked like he was about 14 years old...and so cute!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Riverside South Park

On Saturday the NYC Urban sketchers met at Riverside South Park on W 71st along the Hudson River.  The weather was definitely iffy, so we all came prepared with umbrellas and raincoats. Luckily we spend most of the day sketching from an outdoor cafe that had huge umbrellas that overlapped each other, so we stayed dry. The park is a mixture of old and new, nature, concrete, and steel. It had some nice views to sketch. I liked seeing underneath the road above. While I was sketching this we saw dark smoke. One of the buildings on the other side of the roadway had a fire by one of the penthouse apartments. You could see the flames and a lot of smoke. The fire department arrived quickly and took care of things.

This sketch includes what is left of the 69th St Transfer Bridge which allowed the transfer of railroad cars from the rail lines to car floats which crossed the Hudson River to the Weehawken Yards in NJ. Nora is sketching on the right.

Jeff was busy with his big sketchbook.

Mark asked someone nearby to take a photo of the whole group before some of the sketchers left for the day.

After lunch we walked a ways south and came to sculptures and gardens. This part reminded me a lot of the Highline Park, except it isn't elevated.

Mark has gotten very creative and did a slideshow video of our day. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Bayport Water View & Lighthouse Art Show

We had a fairly overcast day with showers threatening so I headed down by the water in Bayport.  There was a nice gazebo nearby just in case it started to rain....but I lucked out.

Last Thursday evening was the Fire Island Lighthouse Annual Art Show reception. I had 2 pieces accepted into the show. It is always a fun show to do and the reception is always lovely with snacks and wine. If you are lucky and have a nice sunset it only adds to make the night more special. Unfortunately rain was threatening but several of us went outside and like high school kids did some fun photos. Several of my friends also had work in the show and we always enjoy looking at the work we all did. Everything in the show has a marine theme.

Here are a few photos we took outside.
Me and my friend, Joan...yes, another Joan.

Me with my friend, Sue.

Sue, Joan, and Ruth.

Here I am with one of my paintings from the show. I was just informed today that this painting (the one on the top) sold. Yay!!!

Here is a better view of both of my paintings.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Smith Point Dunes

I love painting at the beach. Each area of the dunes looks different. This time I got a view to the ocean too. This was done at Smith Point Park just west of the ranger station.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Train Sketches

Of course to get into the city to sketch at FAO Schwarz and by Central Park I had to get into the city. My friend, Susan, and I took the subway from Kew Gardens. Subway sketching is always interesting.

Here are sketches done last Saturday.

This one was done when I went in to sketch the Intrepid. I was planning to sketch all the people across from me until we made a stop and someone stood right in front of me. I included her reading in the right section...sans head. lol