Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Home At Last - Garden Sketch, Perth

After 25+ hours of traveling from Peth we arrived home at about 10:40 pm NY time last night. We did the entire trip...Peth to Sydney, Sydney to LA, LA to NY in one continuous stretch. I do not sleep sitting upright for more than a few minutes so I was a bit like a zombie when we got here. I went straight to bed. It would have been nice to sleep and sleep. I didn't set my alarm hoping to sleep late, but I only slept about 7 hrs and was up by 6 this morning and went to meet my friends for a walk. We will see how tired I am by mid afternoon.

My thanks to all of you who followed my sketching adventures while I was gone. I do have a bit more to post from the trip so bear with me. It is so nice to be back using my laptop for posting rather than my iPad. I can't complain because I was able to post most days, but it took so much longer than usual and many times the posts just disappeared and I would have to start all over. I was able to visit some blogs while I was away and if I haven't been to yours in a while I will catch up to you soon.

This sketch was done in Perth's Elizabeth Quay area. There is a lovely park and in one direction you have a view of the tower which I posted a while back. In the other direction is the Supreme Court Gardens which I sketched this time. The entire time I sat there the bells from the tower were ringing. Luckily it was far enough that they weren't too loud and distracting.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Kings Park Botanic Gardens

Kings Park has a nice Botanic garden however since it is fall here there is not much flowering. Instead I looked for a bit of the unusual. One sketch is of part of a Gondjandjal tree. It was really an interesting species. Then I found this huge baobab tree. Apparently it was given to the park as a gift by the aboriginal people. The tree was in a location where a highway was going to be built. This tree which weighed 72 tinned was moved over 200 miles. It is the largest tree in Australia to ever be moved.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Perth from Kings Park

Perth has a lovely, big park called Kings Park. At one end is a very steep climb that really fit people use for training. I knew I didn’t wanly to enter the park that I googled the route from our apartment. Little did I know that it would take me up a set of stone stairs that would nearly kill me. Lol About halfway up a man offered to carry my backpack the rest of the way up. I told him it wasn’t my backpack that was the problem, it was my legs. If there wasn’t another way to exit the park I was in trouble. Anyway there was another way out and I took the bus. I think if I had googled public transportation it would have taken me in on this route. When I got to the top I sketched one of the many views looking back at the city.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Old Shanghai

The last few days I have had dim sum at a stand in Old Shanghai, a food court in Oerth. The food is delicious and I don’t have anyplace home that I can get it this easily.

Friday, May 18, 2018

London Court, Perth

All the family is gone and we are here in Perth by ourselves. We are in a nice apartment a but if a walk from mist things, but I don’t mind. Perth’s buses inside the central zone are all free which is nice when you want to get back after walking all day. My hubby who is not a sight-seer actually apcam our walking a bud with me this morning to see where he could go for lunch and still find his way home. We passes London Court whic seemed so Britis and timely for the royal wedding...of course I stopped and sketched it and later did some shopping there. The have nice pedestrian mall to walk aroun free from traffic.

I ask sketched a very strange gepreen sculpture in one of the plazas.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Wine Tasting

The Margaret River area must have about 100 wineries. After lunch in town and a bit of shopping we stopped at two different wineries. The first was a small winery and we sampled what they had. The billing was rustic and the hostess pouring was nice. Then we went to the Carpe Diem Vineyard which dies their tastings right by the tanks of wine. I sampled all the wines at the first winery, buy I am not a red wine person so when we went to the second winery I only tasted the whites and then sketched while everyone else except my BIL (designated driver) sampled about a dozen reds. My niece figured they had about 3-4 glasses of wine. I’m glad I sketched instead. Lol

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Burton Farmhouse View

After we left Pump Hill Farm the newlyweds, my sister, her husband, their one son, Jerry and I traveled to  Margaret River a noted wine area about 3 hours away. We stayed in the Burton Farmhouse, a six bedroom home with these views.