Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Inktober 2022. - Day 4 & Red Barn

Today I was at the Stony Brook Ambulatory Center to have my second cataract removed. I figured it was a good chance for an Inktober sketch, but I really had to work fairly quickly. Between them coming in to check my vitals and putting in all the eyedrops before surgery time flew by. Then the doctor, her assistant, the anesthesiologist and her assistant, as well as several nurses all came in. It didn't help that Dr. Haque kept calling people in to see the sketch. lol So I didn't get the background beyond the curtain done before they wheeled me into surgery.

I decided I needed to post a few sketches that have been waiting a while, before they get forgotten. I like old barns and "stuff" so I made sure to sketch this view before someone decides to tidy up the place. This is a small red barn off the main street in Bellport.



  1. I guess your surgery went well when you got going. Ha. Great sketch and hope your recovery is quick and you are seeing well! I love the barn, too. You know me.

  2. Thanks, Jo. The surgery went really well. Glad you like the red barn...very Americana.

  3. Glad your eye surgery went well. All the exciting artwork to come now with improved eyesight! I like both entries here.

    1. Thanks, Mel. I'm working with 2 bionic eyes now...look out!