Friday, January 30, 2015

30 Paintings in 30 Days - Day 30 - Venice Sunrise

Today is the final day of the "30 Paintings" challenge spearheaded by Leslie Saeta.
You can see all the work by the other artists here.
Voting takes place on Sea Dean's blog.

I had to finish up the challenge with a painting of one of my favorite places, Venice.
This was painted from a sketch I had done while I was there on one of my trips.

Venice Sunrise by Joan Tavolott

I went out to paint today and found a nice snowy scene across a small pond in Brightwaters.

Brightwaters View by Joan Tavolott


  1. Hmmm, which one would I take? A Venice sunrise or a snowy Brightwaters View? Both are beautiful. It would be impossible to decide.

  2. Love the Venice Sunrise, you were there, how wonderful for you. You stood where other great artist stood and painted, Turner, Sargent , Whistler and not to forget David Dunlop. See you soon.

  3. Both pieces have a wonderful feeling of calm. Really nice!

    We're done now, until the next one! :-)

    Happy painting, I'll be checking in to stay in touch.
    Janette Gray

  4. Love them both!!! The reflections in the snowy scene is wonderful... and Venice was the perfect painting to end the challenge with! I will see what everyone else did...

  5. Fabulous series, Joan! Thank you for sharing your 30 days of paintings!

  6. Carol, thanks! You don't have to choose.

    Joan, thank you. I was in the footsteps of so many of the masters.

    Sue, thanks so much.

    Janette, thank you. It was a fun challenge, but a lot of work.

    Thanks, Prerana! I enjoyed seeing your work too.

    Hilda, there are so many great paintings to see. It is amazing what was done in 30 days. Thanks.

    Tina, thanks for coming along on my journey!

  7. Congratulations! Job well done! Thanks for letting us come along every day and for sharing your sketches. :)