Sunday, June 2, 2013

Kilmore Quay Part v

Here is another of Kilmore Quay's thatched cottages...can you tell I liked them?

This thatched cottage had an interesting shed outside.

I did a sketch of the wood stove in the house we rented. It was really a nice place!
It was a warm place to sketch when it got too cold outside.

This is the end of my sketches in and around Kilmore Quay.
Tomorrow I'll post some work from Kinsale.


  1. I am just loving all of your Ireland paintings, Joan. That curved thatched roof is awesome! I wonder how they do as far as harboring rodents and bugs, etc.

  2. Sherry - Thanks. I don't know about the rodents or bugs, but they sure look good.

  3. I'm enjoying your Kilmore paintings Joan, makes me want to go there :)

  4. Ann - Thanks. It was such a great place to paint...quiet and scenic.