Friday, May 31, 2013

Kilmore Quay Part IV

Another place we visited outside of Kilmore Quay was Johnstown Castle Gardens which is part of the Irish Agriculture Museum. The grounds were beautiful with paths aroung several lakes, paths through sculpture gardens, and a walled garden. I liked the towers by the lake and the plants around the lake. They had these gigantic leaves bigger than my head. I wish they had marked what they were.
I did one painting of the tower and the lake.

After having a pot of tea in the cafe and warming up a bit the sun came out and I painted part of the castle itself.

Of course we went to a pub there for music. We couldn't get a spot with a view of the musicians at Kehoe's Pub and Parlour, so I sketched some of the people at the bar instead.


  1. Great sketches! I've enjoyed all of the last three posts, with the lighthouse, the abbey, the castle, and the pubs. I'm glad that you found such fun and itneresting things to sketch.

  2. Oh boy! Would I love to see the inside of that castle. The windows are drawing me right in, not to mention the towers themselves.

  3. Wow I've missed lots. It felt like coming home today here. Your Irish paintings also have an English feel about them especially the wonderful castles and sheep. Loved them all. Thanks for your kind words recently.

  4. Thanks, Mickey! It was nice to be in a place that was so different.

    Sherry - Thanks. I didn't get inside any of them.

    Laura - They do have an English feel. I saw the ones Joanne did and they are similar looking.

  5. These paintings are all wonderful Joan!!! You put a lot of details in them. I especially love the Castle...beautiful!!

  6. Blogger has not been letting me know of your new posts. All these sketches are charming, I especially like the thatched cottages. Nice work!!