Thursday, June 20, 2013

Main Street

Last week the Patchogue Sketch Club met in Patchogue on Main Street.
It is a very crowded area with a lot of cars parked and constant traffic. 
We had picked out a spot where we could see across to a restaurant on the other side, and wouldn't you know it...a big beer delivery truck pulled up into the space in front of us. He told us his delivery would take about 20 minutes, so we looked elsewhere.

We found this view on a corner.  So we tucked ourselves diagonally across the street by a construction site and figured at least this spot would stay clear when the traffic stopped for the light.
It worked and we were able to sketch Budget Buy and Sell without a problem.


  1. This painting has character and lots of details to keep the eye interested.

  2. A lot of detail to capture in this one Joan, love the upstairs windows and awnings particularly

  3. Oh boy! Now I want to see what is above the store. An apartment? How is it laid out? And I do love the diamond clock. Wonder if it used to belong to a jeweler?

  4. So much to see...I'm so impressed with all the details you put in your sketches, Joan...This is amazing.! Excellent work.

  5. Polly, Lorraine, Sherry, Hilda - Thanks!!

  6. WOWOWOWZA!!! BRILLIANT WORK!! Really gorgeously done!