Saturday, June 8, 2013

Kinsale Part VI

This was in front of the pink house I posted yesterday.
It was quirky but cute.

On our last day in Kinsale I drove out to Old Head at the tip of the peninsula.
There were beautiful cliffs and a view of a golf course that had a lighthouse on it.
I parked at the top of the hill and walked down a ways to takes some photos.
Then I sat down and did this view of the cliffside.

This was the first day that it was warm enough to sit in the sun, 
so I took off my coat and sweater and was sitting just in my t-shirt.
I really liked the spot and shifted slightly to paint a second painting of the view of the cliffs and the golf course. I was almost finished when I turned to put something in my backpack and noticed that the sky was black behind me. Before I could finish packing up my supplies the wind picked up and it started pouring. There I was halfway down the hill and my car was at the top. I was soaked by the time I got up to the car. It was raining so hard by that point that I didn't drive until the rain let up a bit.

This was another view of the countryside outside of the town.

For our last night in Kinsale we went to Crackpots for dinner and a piano bar.
The piano player and singer did a lot of Dean Martin and Elvis music.
They were really entertaining.


  1. The cliff side paintings are lovely, Joan!

  2. You certainly made the most of your holiday in Kinsale, your drawings will always be a better memory of it for you than any photos (think I may have said that before, but it is so true)! At least it poured with rain when you had finished your drawing, the one thing Ireland does is have Rain and when it clears up it Rain's again!!! lol.

  3. All the paintings are so beautiful. I love the ones of the cliffs. All of these make me want to go back to Ireland in the worst way!

  4. Thanks TIna, Anne, and Carol! Once I got into the swing of rain, clearing, rain, clearing, it wasn't so bad. lol

  5. I like your painting from this trip. You have the best souvenir in world in your sketch book!!!

  6. Eileen - My travel sketchbooks have become more important to me than photos. Thanks for looking!