Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sweet Auburn B&B

A week or so ago I took a ride out to Greenport, at the tip of the north shore of Long Island.
On the way into town I passed this B&B on the corner. I've seen it before and have always wanted to paint it, but the traffic usually makes it impossible. I was able to sit diagonally across the street from it and paint from there.


  1. Your trees and plants in this sketch are so lovely, Joan! I always struggle with painting trees and trying to keep them from becoming dark blobs!

  2. I so want an arbor at the front gate like this. And houses with corbels...I just love them! A gem of a piece, Joan.

  3. Okay Joan!
    A prolific, talented, and dedicated artist! That is you!
    I love all your great paintings. Hard for me to keep up with your wonderful blog!
    Keep on keeping on!
    So very nice!

  4. Catching up here. Nice B&B. I also love the poppies-one of my favourite flowers. The cemetatry has made an impression on me. Some think it's morbid to use them as subjects but I'm always attracted to them, maybe because they make dramatic images with the stones standing erect out of the ground, they remind me of monoliths. I also find them such serene places to be, must try doing some.

  5. Tina - Thank you so much! I practice them a lot.

    Sherry - I love places like this too. Thanks.

    Michael - You know me. I try to do something every day. Thanks so much.

    Kevin - Thanks so much. As a kid we often went to the cemetery to visit. Now I go and sketch.

  6. You never stop, do you? That's great. You are always painting where ever you go. I love the gate and the foliage. The B&B looks like a nice place to stay.

  7. Carol - I'm like that Energizer bunny, but not pink. lol Thanks.

  8. A welcoming looking B&B, a lovely capture by you

  9. I love the feeling you've captured in this paintings. It makes me want to go inside and relax.

  10. Greenport is a favorite place for us to go. So many wonderful restaurants!! Especially Claudio's!!
    This B&B painting is wonderful...love the greens and the white fence.!!