Monday, June 10, 2013

Kenmare and Shannon

Our next stop was Kenmare which is near Killarney National Park.
This is an area of the park called "Ladies View" and you can see the three lakes in the park from this spot. The view was just gorgeous...but the weather wasn't. I painted this from the car because it was drizzling outside. Right around this spot we drove around a curve and found the car surrounded by sheep, a sheepherder, and a sheepdog...just like in the movies! (And where was my camera? the back seat!) We had to wait for them to clear the road before we could drive any further.

Then we went into the town of Kenmare where we were staying.
This is a view down the main street.

We ate at the Thady Quill Pub at the Lansdown Arms Hotel 
and I sketched one of the customers reading.

The next morning we headed back to Shannon.
I had to make one stop at Bunratty Castle to sketch.

We returned our car and stayed overnight at the Park Inn Hotel at Shannon Airport.
The bar area offered some sketching opportunities.

My final sketches were done at Shannon Airport.
Here is our Aer Lingus plane waiting at the gate.

And one of the passengers waiting for our departure.

This wraps up my trip. Hope you enjoyed seeing the sketches and paintings.


  1. I loved that I could enjoy your trip through all your wonderful sketches.

    Now, how was the Aer Lingus flights? I thought they were awful. Cramped and crowded. Hope you flew business class!

    Wish I knew you were going to the Urban sketchers at the High Line. Looking forward to those sketches.

  2. I've enjoyed joining you on your trip and you have done some lovely paintings along the way.

  3. The landscape is just beautiful, Joan! And I love the little village street too. Still, despite all the fun and beauty of Ireland, I would imagine you were ready to head home too, yes?

  4. I've really enjoyed your holiday sketch book. I especially like the street scene of Kenmare, a real postcard picture. Lovely stuff!!

  5. Carol - Thank you. I decided at the last minute to go into the city when it looked like the weather was going to be nice. The flight was OK...cramped but they all are.

    Polly - Thanks so much.

    Sherry - Thanks. Yes, after 4 weeks I was ready to go hoe.

    Kevin - Thanks so much!