Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kinsale Part II

I don't know where my head is. I posted the story about the Milk Pail Cafe waiter and never posted the painting of the building. lol Sorry about that! Here it is.

Like the other areas we visited we had rain/showers when we were in Kinsale...and it was on the cold side. I went down to the end of the harbor to paint the landscape across the water. It was very windy which made it even colder and of course it showered before I got back. Between my coat hood and my umbrella I was able to keep dry.

The house we rented in Kinsale was called Church Cottage and was right near St. Multose Church and Cemetery. The house had a rooftop patio and this was the view looking toward town. You can see a bit of the church, some of the graves, and the town behind them. I guess it could have been a bit morbid overlooking the graveyard, but it was really interesting looking.

Kinsale had a lot of pubs with live music at night. Each night there was a choice of where we would go. I sketched this at Kitty O Se's. We didn't have a view of the musicians so I sketched the people at the next table. 


  1. Joan!
    I am sure you were born for many great reasons! Painting in watercolors sure is one of them!
    Love all your latest posts!
    The colors in the top three today are outstanding!
    Love the greens, reds, and blues!

  2. Wonderful watercolors, Joan! Milk Pale Cafe is painted so beautifully!!!

  3. What wonderful stories and paintings. I love your images of Ireland. They bring me right back there!

  4. O'Michael, you are too kind...but good for my ego.

    Hilda - Thanks so much.

    Carol - Glad you are enjoying them. Thank you.

  5. The clouds and reflections in the harbor sketch made me look closely for rainspots on the paper - nice job!

  6. Kerry - LOL I was always looking closely for rainspots on the paper too. Thanks.

    Sherry - Thank you!