Saturday, June 22, 2013

Green - Wood Cemetery

I met up with the NYC Urban Sketchers at Green - Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn today.
It is a national historic landmark and is celebrating 175 years this year.
It is a beautiful place with interesting architecture, views, and celebrities who are buried there like Leonard Bernstein, "Boss" Tweed, and many others.

We met at the main gate which was very interesting. Above the gate is a huge nest of green parrots.
Apparently the original parrots escaped upon arrival at Kennedy Airport and they and their descendants have taken up residence here. I sketched part of the gate, and you can see the big nest in the center.

We moved on to sketch this large copper beech tree. When I finished I sketched several members of the group.

Here are a few photos from today.

First Matt and Carol standing, James standing, and Susan sitting.

Richard and Mark

Matt and Carol showing their work.

One of the many views.

Richard sketching.

Next some of us headed off to lunch at a local bar. Members of the group continued sketching while we were there, sketching the bar patrons inside or outside in the garden like I did.

A few of us went back to sketch at the cemetery again before heading home.


  1. Beautiful work on that gate Joan. You're lucky to have a such a great group of people to go sketching with.

  2. Gosh you were a busy bee. Great en plein air sketches. How lovely to a have a group to paint with and such interesting views too.

  3. Beautiful intricate sketching on the gate Joan. All are fab. Looks as though you had a great day.

  4. Gracious, girl, you are mighty mighty quick -- and so good!! Wonderful!! I LOVE your trees especially!!!

  5. You had a full day and looks like fun. You have beautiful memories in your sketchbook journals.

  6. What wonderful sketches you did, Joan. I'm hard pressed to pick a favorite but there is something so quietly beautiful in the Hurd monument. I just finished a re-read of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and I found myself wondering if Betty Smith (author; died in 1972) is buried at this cemetery.

  7. Joan - what intricate work on your Church at Wood Cemetery. All your sketches are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Amazing how you can do so many lovely sketches so quickly Joan, your bg post name jumped out at me as it is my maiden name Greenwood

  9. Joan!
    Love the sketchers sketching! So very, very nice!
    You are so very talented! Love the church! The colors and shape stand out so well!
    Bravo Joan!

  10. Loved your post. The day was great and I love your sketches. You actually sketched. I mostly talked. LOL! Sorry we had to leave early, but Matt liked it too and I think I will be able to convince him to come with us another time.

  11. Thanks David, Polly, Laura, Lin, Jo, Sherry, Debbie, Lorraine, Michael, and Carol. It is a great group to go out with. I just wish they were a little closer to go more often.

    Carol - I'm glad Matt had a good time too. Glad you both came!

  12. What a great sketch outing you guys had!