Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lavender By the Bay

This is the second painting I did at Lavender By the Bay yesterday.
In the background is the store that sells all things lavender.
It is so relaxing and great smelling inside.
It makes you feel like you're in France.


  1. You have that lavender down Joan, your trees are lookin' good too.

  2. Another lovely Lavender scene Joan, I have only seen them in bloom in this number once in Tasmania on a farm and it is beautiful purple landscape

  3. Really like both your lavender paintings Joan. You have captured the moment beautifully. It must have been heavenly being amongst it. Reminds me of Norfolk lavender here in the UK. :-)

  4. Oh now wouldn't I love to live in that house!!

  5. David - Thanks!

    Lorraine - It looks so pretty growing. The French lavender will be out next month. I'll have to go back and check it out. Thank you.

    Laura - Thanks. I think this is the only place on Long Island that grows lavender like this. I think the owners are originally from France.

    Sherry - It would be a perfect spot to live. Thanks.

  6. Joan!
    Love both Lavender paintings! Also love the titles!
    I can smell the beautiful flowers way up here in Massachusetts!
    Nice! Mmmmm!

  7. Absolutely beautiful, Joan! If France smells like
    a flight for me!!! I love how you painted the trees..This painting is amazing!!!!

  8. Michael - Thanks so much!

    Hilda - Many thanks.

  9. Absolutely enchanting!!! So have you tried cooking with lavender??? YUMMMMMM!