Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Portrait and Boat

Yesterday morning I went back to the Tuesday morning portrait group. I haven't been there since last December so I felt a little rusty. Gerri posed for us and I decided to do the full figure rather than just her face. She reads while she models for us.

After watching some of the memorial service for President Bush this morning I went out to do a sketch for my project. I now have 7 postcard sized paintings done...just 13 more. I should be able to get another one done tonight with my sketch group. 

This was done down near the water in Sayville. I was glad to find a boat that was uncovered. Most are already shrink-wrapped for the winter.


  1. These are both super Joan. You did a great job on the portrait - you may not have been to the group for a while but I know you have still been doing people so any rustiness is not evident. These cards may not be Christmasy but they will certainly be a breath of home.

    1. Thanks, Val. I hope the military personnel enjoy them.

  2. Nicely done. Good job on the portrait, not easy. I like the boat and I bet your benefactor will too.