Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Blooms Day 1

I am participating in a quick challenge of sketching 5 Days of Blooms with Karen Abend and Sarah Simon. Each day for the 5 days we are provided with an image of a particular flower. You can use that image or any image of that particular flower to do your sketch in any materials or any way you want. I got off to a slow start and only have 2 of the flowers done for the first 4 days. lol I will catch up. The first flower in a ranunculus. I used a fountain pen with waterproof ink and colored non-waterproof inks to do my sketch.


  1. That's a cool challenge that I hadn't heard of before! These are lovely and nicely framed.

    1. Karen Abend usually does some kind of challenge to start of the year...usually they are longer.

  2. What a great challenge to begin the new year. I know you will catch up😉

  3. Nice sketch and a different challenge for you.