Friday, January 14, 2022

Hecksher State Park Views

 Hecksher State Park is a 1,657 acre on the Great South Bay in East Islip.Heckscher State Park is a 1,657-acre state park on the shore of the Great South Bay at East. It has beaches, boat ramps, picnic areas, walking trails, and even cabins to rent. I headed over there the other day because the sky finally wasn't the grey, dismal sky we've been seeing. One of the hunt items was a sky scape and there were finally some interesting clouds in the sky.

I was sitting in an area the was for boat washing, but I didn't think anyone would mind since there were no boats out in the cold. This gull didn't seem to mind either.


  1. These both made me smile but especially the gull.

  2. What an interesting cloud study and the other subject that stayed for you to finish the sketch.

  3. Gorgeous blue Joan you used in the sky. I adore your sea gull. Two wonderful sketches done in the same day. Hope your clouds stay away and you see more clear skies. We are getting ramped up for a big winter snow this coming week...don't think our skies will be too blue :)!! Hugs