Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Denali National Park

 On Saturday I joined the virtual sketchers from the NYC Urban Sketchers. Our hosts and guides brought us to Denali National Park in Alaska. Once again we were provided a website that was full of information and photo references for anything there that you can imagine sketching. I've never visited Alaska but this definitely made me want to go. I started with a photo reference of a landscape with these gorgeous flowers called fireweed in the foreground. 

It is hard to think of Alaska without picturing the animals that live there, especially the bears.
 I loved this reference. I tried not to overwork it.


  1. Joan both paintings are wonderful. Especially love the bear. The way you painted him gave him a dreamy feel. So beautiful. Hope you get to go to Alaska. I hear it is absolutely gorgeous. Hugs!

  2. You captured it exactly. We didn’t get that close to a bear. Yours looks great. Hope you get to go.