Tuesday, January 24, 2023

The Bean in Patchogue

 Last Friday our weather wasn't so great. We had a rainy, chilly day but I really wanted to go out and sketch. It was raining too hard to sit somewhere and paint from the car. I tried to come up with an indoor location where I would have a view that I hadn't been to recently. Thank goodness for coffee shops. Unfortunately we don't have too many nearby. I decided to go to The Bean in Patchogue. I hadn't been there in a while. The only problem is you have to park in a parking lot behind the building and walk around, so I was a bit wet when I got there. But the staff was very welcoming, there was a dry empty table with a view, and good coffee too (much better than Starbucks). I was happy!


  1. This is exciting and full of detail. Very well done. I haven't been for coffee and sketching in a while.

    1. This was fun to sketch with all the things in and on the showcases. Thanks, Jo.