Monday, October 28, 2019

Inktober Day 28 - Day of the Dead Character

One of my art groups, the South Bay Art Association was supposed to have a demo the other night but due to illness the woman had to cancel, so the group had a "creative night" instead. It coincided with my Wednesday night Patchogue Sketch Group so we had a number of people show up with art materials. The husband of one of the members dressed first as a ghost (I missed that pose.) and then in his Day of the Dead mask. I was late to the meeting because I was at a political fundraiser for a friend. By the time I chatted with everyone I only caught the last pose. Here is Rob posing for my Inktober Day 28 sketch.


  1. Always fun to have a model. Very nice sketching.

  2. What fun! It looks like you got a mix of ghost and day of the dead - lol.