Thursday, October 24, 2019

Inktober Day 24 - Setauket

Since I was already in Setauket for my Day 24 Inktober sketch I stopped at the Emma S Clark Memorial Library. It was misty outside so having an indoor location was a good thing. I've seen their reading room several times and thought it would make an interesting place to sketch with the fireplace, interesting windows and high-back chairs.

The reason I had been in Setauket is that my plein air group, PALS, had been at Ward Melville Memorial Park to paint in the morning. We were hoping to see some colorful trees, but things are coming into color here much later than usual since we had warm weather for so long. The sky was overcast and from time to time it was misty and I was afraid it might rain. I used a bit of artistic license to make the trees more colorful than they were. This still needs a bit of work.


  1. Lovely pieces Joan. I like the library one - it looks like a nice place to enjoy some quiet time with a book. I have often used that licence that artist have to make my fall pictures more colourful - lol.

  2. Beautiful scene with color and I like the library windows and calmness.