Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Inktober Day 23 - Throgs Neck Bridge

Returning to Long Island always involves a bridge or a ferry. Coming back from my sister's house in NJ meant a trip across the Throgs Neck Bridge which spans from the Bronx on one side to Queens on my side. I've wanted to sketch the bridge for a while but am usually in a hurry. This time I was determined to find a spot to see it and sketch it...easier said than done. I know there is a parking area along the north side of the Cross Island Parkway but I wasn't sure it had a view and besides I was heading south. I ended up going really out of my way and hitting construction on the local streets but I was fairly certain that the Bay Terrace Shopping Center parking lot in Bayside had views facing the bridge. Once I was able to get to the parking lot it was a breeze, so here is my Day 23 Inktober sketch.