Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Inktober Day 22 - Elberton Part II

While I was out on Elberton's square sketching the mercantile, I also did a small sketch of the top of the Elberton Courthouse for my Day 22 Inktober sketch.

Of course I can't resist color for too long, so I had to do a sketch of part of the square. One of the trees had such great color...sort of autumnal although there wasn't much color down there yet. This was done on a pad of Hahnemuhle Bamboo Mixed Media paper that is 3.1 x 4.1 inches that I got as a goodie bag gift at the Amsterdam Urban Sketching Symposium.
One of my nephews and his wife who actually live in Elberton loved the little sketches and wanted them to hang in their house. Of course I couldn't resist giving them to them. They also want me to do a sketch of their house, but I'll have to do that from photos when they send me some.

Elberton is the granite capital of the world...that is it's claim to fame. It is a cute town that is a throwback in time. My nephew's house is from the 1920s and is adorable. He renovated it but kept a lot of the charm of the original house...no open floor concept for them.

I took a few photos of signs in the town.


  1. What an amazing place. Thanks for the interesting tour. I really, really like the painting of your nephews house.,

  2. That place looks like a treasure trove of sketching opportunities. I'm sure you wish you have more time and do just that. Very nice sketches!

  3. The photos are fun and of course your sketches are great and that you gave them away. Nice artist!!

  4. Charming sketches of a charming town! I can understand why your nephew asked for them:)