Saturday, March 31, 2018

Happy Easter & Happy Passover

This is a sketch of a plant that I bought for friends who are having us over for Passover dinner tonight. I know that tulips are traditionally for Easter but they also are celebrating that holiday tomorrow. I got these at the Bayport Flower House which is a local business. They are always gracious to my plein air group and always allow us to come and paint in their shop before Christmas. I've also gone there solo and sketched their flowers outdoors and have sketched their Christmas trees from my car. Their flowers are always beautiful so it is nice to support a local place.


  1. Beautifully painted Joan!!!! Enjoy your Holiday tomorrow!!!!!

  2. Tulips are beautiful. You captured the moment well. Happy Easter and Passover!

  3. A lovely sketch of a lovely gift. It is nice to support a place that also supports your painters' group. Happy Easter Joan

    1. Thank, Val. I try to shop local and from a small business if possible. Happy Easter!

  4. I understand you had a busy weekend but still managed to sketch/paint a few. Unstoppable!

  5. So pretty and makes you think Spring is close.