Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Assorted Sketches

After our snowstorm last week I took a ride down near the Maritime Museum in Sayville. Due to the high tides with that nor'easter there was a lot of flooding. The water was almost even with the dock. I did stop by the golf course next to it. The flooding was up to the fencing.  I had to laugh that there were golfers out practicing their strokes...not much stops them.

Then last Sunday a friend and her husband asked me to be a "reviewer" for the First Lego League competition for ages 7-10 at Longwood HS. It was for the morning only and it was great to see the projects the teams created. After lunch my friend, Suzala and I went to the main gym to sketch the older participants during their robotics tournaments. It was colorful, noisy and fun! We sat in the bleachers to sketch.


  1. The Lego event must have been fun! Did those girls really have purple hair??

    - Tina

  2. Yes, that is the trademark for that team. I was told that they always have purple wigs for the events. It was fun!

  3. Like the golf story, we were there, once. Ha.
    The Lego day sounds fun, too.

  4. wonderful sketches Joan and they really bring the viewer into the scene. I had to laugh at the golfer one - right by the water - lol. Lego is such a going concern we even had little competitions in our little community - lots of fun for your sketches!

    1. Val, thanks. The Lego Leagues are getting bigger and bigger. When my friends started the group by them 10 years ago they had 6 teams. Now they have to split the competitions into two groups there are so many.