Saturday, April 26, 2014

Pink House

On Friday I joined two friends at Blydenburg County Park in Smithtown to paint. I had never been to the park before. They have an area with historical houses and have people dressed in period costumes that do programs for kids and groups. There were too many school kids around to paint up by most of the buildings so we headed down by the lake to sketch. This pink building and a mill were down near the water. It was an interesting spot to sketch and I will probably return there to sketch or paint the other buildings and people.


  1. Beautiful sketch, Joan! I love how you painted the wooden porch!

  2. oooh a pink house, perfect, this lil painting rocks, my you do get about, but here's a porch that deserves some snooze time, all it needs is a rocker, but maybe that's you :-D

  3. This is just beautiful, Joan! I love the colors of the house, and the style. Found myself wondering what it looks like on the inside?! Please share with me some of your energy!

  4. Thanks, Hilda!

    Maggie, thanks!

    Kat, the porch definitely needed a rocker or two. It was too empty.

    Sherry, I don't know what I'll do when my batteries start to run down, but for now I'll keep going. Thanks. I don't think they let you into this particular house. The ones up the hill are open to visit.