Friday, April 11, 2014

Flowers For Sale

I love all the stands that are finally popping up with an abundance of flowers for sale.
It finally feels like spring here on Long Island but we are far from free of frost, and the bushes and trees are mostly bare. There are some weeping willows that are starting to get leaves and are a pale yellow green. Hopefully these last few warmer days will help the buds move along.

This was done at a farm stand in Sayville. I maneuvered to get a fairly good view of the plants and the stand and was busy sketching from the car. I was partly finished when the man from the stand came over to see if I had a problem. I showed him the sketch and he told me I should have parked in the lot. I just didn't want to take up space for customers, and besides...from this spot nobody could get in my way. lol


  1. Glad to hear you are finally thawing out up there in the Northeast, you guys have had a rough winter. You've represented all those bunches of flowers well.

  2. Hi Joan, I so enjoy catching up on your blog each time I visit - so much beautiful work to look at. I would love to be visiting these flower stands with you. The man must have had a nice surprise to see your painting. It was due to admiring your sketches from life that inspired me to paint my tree from life last weekend.

  3. How pretty, Joan!! I'm seeing flowers at the store but not so much on the ground. We hit 74 yesterday and are expecting more of the same today. Those buds on the trees have got to make an appearance soon. I'm a bit worried that with it so warm yesterday and today...that we are in for another brutal summer. I so hope not. That heat/humidity just decimates me.

  4. Thanks, David!

    Wendy, thanks. I'm glad you painted from life.

    Sherry, thanks! Some of the warmer spots have some flowers coming up, and a few of the trees are starting to get their leaves.

  5. Wonderful sketch, Joan! It was beautiful today..the perfect weather for you to be out in.. and .something about the flag that makes the painting even nicer!!!