Monday, April 14, 2014

Girls at the Dock

My friend, Ai, was hosting a challenge over on Wet Canvas in their Watermedia Forum. The host provides a group of photos and you have the entire month to do one or more of the photos as a water media piece. Her theme is "Friends" and the photo came from Flickr's Creative Common. This was done on watercolor paper using watercolors, inktense pencils, and oil pastels.
 It is 5 x 7.
For some reason this makes me think of camp counselors.


  1. Okay my buddy Joan! I am totally out here! I am thrilled to be the first to comment on today's blog! Especially after missing so many lately! I am working so very hard to keep up with your wonderful art posts!
    I love the "Girls At The Dock!" Your skill is always evident! You certainly captured "friends!" I especially love the way the girls are posed. Sitting and gazing out! As friends often do! NIce!
    Also got a kick out of the "Old School Bikini" shot! Funny because my wife just brought out some photos of her bikini days, late sixties, early seventies! Age of Aquarius rocks!
    Take care buddy!
    Your art buddy!

  2. Thanks, Michael. That bikini day sketch was done from a photo taken during my hippie days...same time as your wife I guess. I know on the trip I had along my tie-died pants. LOL

  3. Most excellent Joan, very well done figures!

  4. Wonderful job on this. Yep reminds me of camp girls. :))

  5. What a lovely piece, Joan! I instantly thought of you and your sisters, but the hair color is off, and if I am not mistaken, there is one missing? Still...knowing your family camped at a cabin in the summers has kept me going in that direction.

  6. Thanks, David!

    Cris, that's what I thought immediately when I saw the photo. Thanks.

    Sherry, thanks for thinking of us. We would have had to have varing heights since the age span was 10 years. LOL Thanks!