Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snowy Lot

Since the snow is still around I'm painting and sketching it as much as possible.
This was done in the parking lot of the Smith Haven Marina. The views of the water weren't too exciting, but I liked the disturbed snow in the parking lot. lol
This was done in my Stillman & Birn Alpha fact it is the last sketch in that book.

I have tried several of the Stillman and Birn sketchbooks. Michael Kalman was nice enough to send me samples of some of the books when they came out. Each of them is different. I think I like the Beta Series the best. It seems to work the best for the watercolors I do. The Alpha paper is thinner and when I do sky washes it doesn't handle it as well as the Beta. But both of them take ink so well! I will have to order another of the square sketchbooks. I really liked that size. I have sampled the bound and spirals and still can't decide which one I like best. The spiral makes it easy to put the other side of the paper out of the way...but the bound one gives you that possibility of maybe, just maybe, sketching across the double page spread. I am currently working in a bound Beta but haven't done a double page spread yet.


  1. I like this Joan. And thanks for the info on the sketchbooks.

  2. Great shadows in the snow.

    I will have to check out their sketchbooks one of these days. I've read that the Beta is the best for watercolors.

  3. You've made "disturbed snow" beautiful, Joan.

  4. Carol - Thanks!!

    Mickey - I like the Betas best since they are the closest to watercolor paper. Thanks.

    Sherry - I liked the tracks in the snow. Luckily there was a route in that was plowed since I don't have 4 wheel drive. Thank you.

  5. Another wonderful snowy scene. I can feel the cold. Nice to read about the different kinds of watercolor books to use. I guess when you finish that book you are working in you will know if you would use both sides or not. Looks kinda cool to see a pix go clear across the page. but wonder how heavy the paper has to be so as not to bleed thru to the other side and ruin a painting there.

  6. Cris, Thank you. I'm pretty sure the Beta won't bleed thru to the other side. I've used it before and it is 180lb. It doesn't buckle either.

  7. The Beta is my favorite, too. I go across the gutter all the time -- a great way to double your sketchbook size!