Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Portrait - Mary & Samantha

Yesterday was a busy portrait day for me. The South Bay Art Association does portraits in the morning almost every week.  I only join them through the winter since my plein air group also meets on Tuesday. Who knew it was such a popular day? Mary posed for us. I told her I enjoyed painting her hair. It was wild and wiry. She also had a great face with really round cheeks.

Then last night the Wet Paints Studio Group met for sketch night. People are usually surprised to see me work in watercolors. Everyone else uses either charcoal, pencil, or pastel.
Samantha posed for us. She is the daughter of one of the artists


  1. Hi Joan, I love both portraits! Great work on the hair and skin tones. I've been catching up on all your older posts. There is always something new and fun to see on your blog!

  2. Mary looks great in white! Samantha has the perfect oval face too. Great portraits, Joan!

  3. Thanks, Celia. I try to get something done and posted every day.

    Sherry - IRL Samantha looked a lot like Uma Thurman, but cuter. Thanks.

    Carol - Thank you!