Sunday, February 9, 2014

Downtown Bay Shore

I find that even the backs of buildings make interesting subjects to sketch. I found a parking spot in one of the lots in downtown Bay Shore and sketched this collection of buildings along with the snowy street.


  1. love the colour you have in this snowy street scene Joan, the whole scene is painted so well

  2. Excellent painting Joan!! Your sketches are the colors and details.....

  3. I love this street scene. Downtown Bayshore looks a lot cleaner than downtown Brooklyn.

  4. Hi Joan, I'm loving your blog! I found it. Is a thread on Wet Canvas where you described using 4x6 watercolor cards for your sketches and paintings. I would like to know more about that. Do you still work in that format? Thank you for sharing your art.

    1. I tried responding by clicking your name but your blog denied me access. Looked for you on WetCanvas but so far no luck. How can I reach you to give you more info?

  5. Your color choices are wonderful and I can't believe how well you did with all those cars! Fabulous piece, Joan!

  6. Thanks, Lorraine!

    Hilda, thanks. You and I have got to meet some day.

    Carol, but that is part of the charm of Brooklyn. lol

    Wendi, thanks for coming to my blog to look. Yes, I still use 4 x 6 cards for a lot of my work, especially when I travel.

    Sherry, I've been trying to practice drawing cars. They are so much harder than people, and are really so much a part of a lot of scenes. Thanks.

  7. Great sketch of the snowy street scene!

  8. I think you have the talent to make anything look interesting Joan! love this!