Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Captree View

The other day I headed over to Captree State Park which is located on the easternmost end of Jones Beach Island in the Town of Islip. Part of the park has a fishing dock, marina, restaurant, and numerous charter boats that go out fishing. But this end of it has some dunes and a view of Fire Island, the watertower at Robert Moses State Park, the Coast Guard Station, as well as the bridge that goes across to Fire Island. There was snow around the dunes which gave it a nice view. I sat in my car and was warm and comfortable dreaming of warmer days at the beach.


  1. A beautiful scene, Joan. I am looking forward to my Sunday rides out East!

  2. Sometimes I see those types of metal towers in the distance and just think they detract so much from nature's beauty. When I lived in Washington, I hated the industrial places along the Thea Foss waterway in Tacoma and Elliott Bay up in Seattle. Still, you've made this spot beautiful, Joan.

  3. Nice composition, and super job on the dune grasses!

  4. Thanks, Hilda!

    Sherry - I think the tower is part of the Coast Guard Station. Thanks.

    Thank you, Mickey!