Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Frozen Bay

Most of the area around the edge of the bays here has been frozen for a few weeks. When the tide comes in and out it breaks up the ice into large and small chunks...think a bay sized slurp. lol
The ice clanging together makes a lot of noise and when it cracks it makes noise too. When I was down by the Sayville dock the other day, the wind was really blowing and there were whitecaps on the bay which kept hitting the frozen chunks. It was wild! I was sitting in my car on the dock looking back toward the shore. This was done in my Stillman & Birn (new) Beta Bound Sketchbook and is about 5 x 7.


  1. Seeing your cold and frozen landscapes Joan is giving me an idea of what you are going through over there. Your beautiful sketches are a fabulous way of recording day to day history. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. A great sketch with the high horizon to portray the lively foreground which has good perspective - always tricky but you've nailed it here! I love "Iced In" too, superb the way you've used the posts to great effect to give this picture recession, clever. The shadows are great too!! I get a kind of forlorn yet inviting atmosphere from this. Love it. Top job!!

  3. A wonderful sketch, Joan. The ice must have looked so beautiful especially when the tide comes in..... Great job...

  4. Joan - love how you captured the cracks in the ice. Makes me feel I am standing right there. Hope you are staying warm through all the bad weather that came your way. Take care and have a great finish to your week.

  5. Brrrrr!! I have never heard ice cracking like that out in nature! I guess I'll stop complaining about our wind and rain!

  6. I really love the skerrick of blue that is peeping through the clouds. I loved hearing what the sound effects were while you were painting. I hope you get some nice weather soon Joan but in the meantime I'm enjoying all your amazing scenes!

  7. Laura - Thanks. Can you see it is slowly melting? lol

    Kevin - Thanks. I think most of us here are saying "enough already."

    Hilda - The ice gets such nice shading. Thank you.

    Debbie - Luckily it has finally warmed up a bit and things are melting, which I hope doesn't create more of a problem. Thanks.

    Tina - That's a benefit of living in the northeast. lol

    Wendy - Thanks so much!

    Sherry - Thanks!

  8. I think I can hear those sounds as I read your great descriptive narrative along with viewing your sketch. Brilliant