Saturday, February 22, 2014

Tea Time Needed

The last few days were spent visiting family in NJ. My niece is visiting from Australia and was going to be in the area for only two days. My sister from Maine was here with her husband to pick up Kathleen and take her to a wedding and then back to Maine for the rest of her visit. Kathleen is a dancer and was performing a piece at a club in Harlem Thursday night. So we went to see her dance. She is always great and it is fun to see her young enthusiasm for an art form that she loves so much.

Here is Kathleen with her snowman and her dad. This was the first time she had seen snow in over 2 years. She was home last year but in the summertime.

This was taken of my sister, Tina, Kathleen, and George in the club we went to where she performed.

I thought about bringing along my sketchbook to the club but I knew she was having a lot of friends come to see the performance, and I didn't know what it would be like. Now I wish I had brought it, but it would have been difficult sketching because it was rather dark.

I left NJ to drive home yesterday in dense fog. It was eerie in spots and I kept thinking it would make nice paintings, but I couldn't stop. By the time I got home I was ready for a nice cup of tea to relax I sipped and sketched when I was nearly finished. This is my favorite mug with a painting of Monet's on the front. It has a crack in it and I am waiting for it to fall apart some day. lol


  1. Joan really enjoyed seeing your niece...a dancer - wow - such talent runs in your family. Had to smile about your cracked cup because as I was reading your post I am drinking tea out of my favorite one and it is chipped as well. You always inspire me Joan to paint at least something every day. Thank you for sharing some of your family with me. Have a lovely Sunday.

  2. Great post Joan! So nice to see your beautiful niece enjoying her visit home with her family. Love the snowman! She will have a real contrast of temperatures on her return to Oz. Great sketch of your favourite mug - love the blue tones in the water. It is wonderful how everything you see - including eerie foggy scenes - has you itching to sketch. The sign of a true artist!

  3. I too have a favourite chipped cup of an osprey (rare birds over here). Love the painting and the photo of your niece too. Have a lovely time with her

  4. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend so far, Joan. Hopefully today proves to be a self-indulgent one and you can snuggle in, watch an old move, read a book, and of course, paint paint paint! I like your mug too; can see why it is a favorite.

  5. Debbie - Thank you. Glad to hear I'm inspiring you to paint something every day!!!

    Wendy - Thanks. I think as artists we look at life differently. Everything is a possible sketch or painting.

    Polly - LOL I love how everyone has a favorite chipped or broken mug. Thanks. I only got to spend 2 days with her. She is up in Maine now.

    Sherry - That sounds like a nice way to pass the weekend. I of course went out and it was a gorgeous weekend...painting and a stop at the beach.

  6. Wonderful family activities! And your end of day cup of tea sounds just right. And the sketch is perfect!