Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Longwood Estate in the Snow

After yesterday's snow I wanted to go out and take some photos of the snow on the trees before it fell off. One of the places I went was Longwood Estate in Ridge. It has this big, white historical house and  several red outbuildings and barns. There had to have been about 8 inches of snow on the ground and just the road in and the parking lot had been plowed. So I trudged through the snow to take the photos below. I also took along my small moleskine watercolor journal, my tiny palette, a pencil, and my water brush just in case. It wasn't too cold...maybe about 35 degrees. When I got over to the caretaker's cottage, I went up on the porch and sat on the box there and painted the view in front of me. The trees covered in snow were so pretty that I ended up painting across the page on both sides.

This is the view I was painting.

Here are a few photos of the estate grounds.
This is the church.

This is the caretaker's cottage where I sat on the porch and painted.

Here are some of the barns.

Here is the entrance.

And here is a wide view with the house. I've painted here many times in the fall. Imagine all those trees in autumn colors.

The snow was undisturbed except for where they plowed.
 I was the only one who put footsteps in the snow.


  1. Pretty as a picture! No wonder you were inspired!

  2. Such a beautiful painting, Joan! I can see why you were compelled to visit here. I love the caretaker's cottage myself!!

  3. These scenes are too beautiful for words Joan! The snow is exquisite! You did such a great job with your two page painting! You have so many amazing places nearby to inspire you. keep the pictures coming - I'm really enjoying your winter vicariously from the warmth of our summer - a bit too much warmth I might add!

  4. Tina - I was so happy it was nice enough to paint out of the car. Thanks.

    Sherry - It is a spot I like to visit and paint. This was the first time I've been there after the snow. Thanks so much.

    Wendy - Thanks. I wouldn't mind a little warmth for a while. lol We have icy conditions today. It has been a hard winter.

  5. This is a super picture Joan! I absolutely love this long format, it lends something different to the subject and is something I intend to experiment with this coming year too. Now I've seen yours, I know it will work. Good luck getting a mount for it though!!! The snow shadows in the previous post are lovely too. Top job!!!

  6. Thanks, Kevin. That is the problem with things that shape. You have to have a mat specially cut. I have found collage photo frames that work with similar sizes to this.

  7. Great little painting, and you have some good photos for future paintings. It was worth trudging through the snow.

  8. Thanks, Mickey. I don't know why I never thought of going there when it snowed before. I like the contrast of the snow and the red buildings especially.

  9. lovely photos and sweet painting, hope you had yer thermals on ;)