Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snowy Hilltop

This may still be a work in progress. An artist whose work I admire on WetCanvas saw this when I posted it there and suggested that I deepen the color of the sky to make the snow more dramatic. (He does a lot of snow paintings.) I am thinking about doing that and if I do, I will repost it. I wish I had Photoshop so that I could play with it and see how it would look before I try it...but then, it is just a painting...I can always do it over if it doesn't work out This was done out on the north fork of Long Island while sitting in my car. The tire marks going up to the top called to me so I had to stop. It is 8 x 10 (bigger than I usually do from the car).


  1. Really lovely just as it is... But I'm curious about his suggestion, too. What if you print it out on watercolor paper (I have some that can go through my ink jet), and then you could paint the sky darker on just the copy? In any case, if you do it, please show them together so they can be compared. Interesting experiment.

  2. Most excellent Joan! I do think a deeper blue sky would enhance it, but be careful to not go too far.

  3. How beautiful! I would love a property like this one!!

  4. GORGEOUS!!!! We have ice this morning ....

  5. Tina - Thanks. Too late! I did the sky darker and will post the results.

    David - Thank you.

    Sherry - Thanks. It is part of a farm out east.

    Lin - Thank you. Be careful. Our snow is changing over to rain in now.