Monday, February 24, 2014

Port Jeff House

A bit north of me is the town of Port Jefferson, or Port Jeff for short. This is one of two spots where you can take the ferry across to Connecticut. The town has a lot of interesting, old houses, many of which are on very steep properties. This one was on a bit of a hill and had a view of the harbor. I could easily sit on that wrap-around porch and watch the ferries and other boats come in and out.


  1. Not a bad little pad is it? Your lovely sketch would tempt anyone to spend some time sitting there, glass in hand, watching the world go by!!

  2. I bet those homeowners would buy this lovely sketch from you! :-)

  3. How gorgeous!! I love seeing snapshots of your area and your travels, Joan.

  4. Joan - I am with you on sitting on that darling porch. I can see though that it looks like it has some snow on the ground...might need our coats. This is certainly my kind of house. Take care and enjoy the week.

  5. Port Jeff is one of my favorite places to visit on Long Island. You painted this beautifully, Joan. I, as well would love to sit on that wrap around porch with a little glass of Merlot viewing the harbor! Ahhhh!! Wonderful work...

  6. Thanks, Kevin! Yes, if it was a bit warmer it would be nice to sit and sip and watch the world go by.

    Tina - I think that at times but never end up showing people my work.

    Sherry - Thanks so much.

    Debbie - If the sun was shining it might be warm enough to sit there. I was in my car with my windows open when I painted it. But it seems like winter is back again. Thanks.

    Hilda - I am with you! Thanks so much.