Thursday, February 6, 2014

Captree View II

While I was at Captree I also did a small painting of the Fire Island Lighthouse across the Great South Bay. It looked so small from my vantage point. I'm usually much closer when I go to Robert Moses State Park.


  1. Being a distance from the lighthouse works Joan, love this perspective :-)

  2. The sand dunes are well painted but I love the peek at the lighthouse in the distance

  3. I am enjoying your wintry landscapes! The distant lighthouse is beautiful! I also loved your moleskin sketch, you are great at capturing the essence of a snowy day. I love your pictures with a blanket of snow on them.

  4. One of my ideals of the northeast captured in your painting. I think this is beautiful, Joan!

  5. Both Captree views are super pictures which invite me to walk into them. Your paintings often affect me like that, as always it's your excellent handling of perspective and recession. They are a real pleasure to look at and make me think of the day when I've had my operation and am able to get out myself and work from life. Lovely work Joan!!!

  6. Thanks, Ann. Next I'll have to find a way to get closer by water. lol

    Thank you, Tina⁄

    Polly, I love views across the water and the lighthouse is always a favorite of mine.

    Celia, I am ready for some sunshine and warmer temps. lol Thanks.

    You are so sweet, Sherry!

    Kevin, thank you for your very kind comment. Once you have the surgery I hope you are able to get out to work from life.