Friday, November 8, 2013

Bellport Arts

My friend LuAnn Thompson owns Bellport Arts in Bellport. The shop does framing and matting and sells some artwork and assorted merchandise. She also does art exhibitions from time to time.
The shop is right next door to the Phoenix Gallery where I sat in September while our SBAA members show was going on. I had painted the view out the window of the streetlight with flowers and the store across the street. When LuAnn saw the painting she said nobody ever sketches her shop, so I knew I had to give it a try. I went there last week right before Halloween and all the trees in the town were decorated with unusual scarecrows. I sat in my car to get enough distance to see the shop and the scarecrow in front of it. I had this finished but didn't want to post this until I showed it to LuAnn which I did today. She just loved it!!! She noticed all the details I had put in...the two signs over the door, and the painting in the window. It was a big hit!


  1. Great sketches in the previous post, Colle Lungo is a particularily lovely, rustic scene. You've made a fantastic job of this shop front!! Here's me just itching to go in and investigate again. I love this picture, it's a wonder LuAnn didn't steal it from you!!!

  2. I so love little shops like this! Those windows are awesome!

  3. Not surprised she loved it you have captured it so well

  4. I love your travel sketches of Tuscany.
    You have included so many beautiful details in the shop portrait.Your friend must be delighted with it.

  5. Kevin - Thank you. LuAnn did steal it from me.

    Sherry - Her shop is great. Thanks.

    Lorraine - Thank you.

    Celia - Thanks. She was happy and bought it.