Saturday, November 23, 2013

Urban Sketching

Today I went into NYC to meet the NYC Urban Sketchers. I went in on the LIRR and was able to sketch a bit in route. There were a few cooperative victims who were in my range of sight.The ride is
1 1/2 hrs so I was able to do more than one sketch.

I was early so I did one sketch outside Penn Station looking across Seventh Avenue.
Luckily I dressed warmly because it was cold and windy.

The plan was to meet on 44th St near the Shubert Theatre to sketch some of the theaters in the area.
When I arrived Mark, Svetlana, and Pat had already been sketching and were freezing.
Svetlana suggested that instead of sketching the theatres we go to her office building which was in Times Square and sketch the views from the windows. It sounded warm and very comfortable.

Mark had lots of room to spread out and paint.

Svetlana made the most of the view.

Pat worked digitally.

We were on the 25th floor and had nice views of the rooftops and buildings.
I did a few.

After a while we headed down to another office on the 15th floor which had a view of the Times Square area. Marie joined up with us there.

It is always fun to sketch Times Square but difficult because many of the billboard designs
change constantly or are moving. I did my best.

I did another sketch facing a different view.

Svetlana was sketching the view of Times Square.

Around 3 o'clock the group split up and people went off to do other things.
I decided to head back to 44th Street and sketch one of the theaters.
Here is the Shubert Theatre where the musical, Matilda is presently playing.

I headed back to Penn Station for the 5:15 train home.
I did get in one last sketch of a woman who was facing me.

I think I did pretty well, and touched on a variety of subject.


  1. What a prolific day of great sketches! It looked comfy sketching from inside the office building!

  2. Joan! Being an urban type guy I love your urban sketches! Wow you are so busy! Talented too!!!! Keep on keeping on!

  3. Boy Joan. I sure wish you were here. I could sure use some push to get into the art journaling. I already screwed up a page and I need to patch it. Your sketches are awesome and I especially love the ones you did on the train ride into the city.

  4. They're all fantastic, Joan.! Especially the subway. I love the colors!
    There's always something to paint in NYC !!!

  5. Tina - Thanks. We had a good time and kept warm too.

    Michael - Thanks so much. Urban sketching is a lot of fun.

    Sherry - Turn it into a collage page and cover what you screwed up. lol Thanks.

    Hilda - You are right…there is always something to sketch there. Thank you.

  6. Amazing sketches Joan! You have captured the hustle and bustle of the city, what an exciting day! You are part of a great group of artists!

  7. Thanks, Celia. It is fun to have a group to go out with and the challenge of painting in NYC is extra fun.

  8. You really got a lot done! Your city sketches are terrific. Nice that you had a nice warm place to sketch from for part of the trip.