Monday, November 11, 2013

Honoring the Veterans

Happy Veterans Day!!!
Today in the United States we celebrate Veterans Day and honor all the men and women who have served in our military. My thanks to all of them as well as their families who have given so much to preserve our freedoms and way of life.

This morning I went to Sayville to sketch the ceremony they do there each year to honor the vetereans of our area. There were a few WWII vets who were present, but their numbers are dwindling each year.   
It is a shame that more recognition isn't given to our veterans all the time.


  1. A wonderful story telling sketch Joan. :)

  2. Wonderful painting of a very touching service

  3. My husband was just telling me that he cannot claim Veteran's status on job apps now unless he was a Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan vet. There are so many who served honorably stateside or in Europe and Asia during non-war times as well and my hat goes off to all of them. Love that you honored vets with this painting, Joan. Thank you!

  4. Great painting! Great tribute to our wonderful service men and women!
    Right on Joan!
    Love your paintings!

  5. Thanks, Cris!

    Tina - Thanks. I had to do some looking to find a ceremony to sketch.

    Polly - Thank you.

    Sherry - My hat goes off to all of them. It is not an easy job for sure. Thanks.

    Michael - Thanks so much!