Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Farmhouse View

I am a bit behind posting some of my autumn paintings. This was done out east last week.
Right now after the wind we've had lately, most of the trees have lost their leaves and are pretty bare.
I'm glad I did as many autumn paintings when I did.


  1. This is lovely Joan. Glad you got the leaves while they were there. Great shadows on the buildings, lovely touch.

  2. How gorgeous is this place?? I just noticed that the tree in front of my house lost all its leaves just yesterday. They were all over the ground when I came home from work. Looked up and only one lone straggler left up there.

  3. Jacqui - Thanks so much. There are so many leaves on the ground now.

    Lorraine - Thanks!

    Sherry - Thanks. The leaves are here one day and gone the next. The landscaping crew here in my development just came along and gathered up the piles of leaves that fell recently. I'll bet there will be just as many again by the end of the day.

  4. Lovely Joan, I wish our trees in our yard were done dropping leaves.. we just took 20 huge plastic bags to the dumps compost bin. and my Hubby is out blowing more leaves into piles to pick up for another trip to the dump next week. We dont live where they pick up the leaves for us.. but the trees are spectacular. I posted our gorgeous front tree on my blog yesterday.

  5. Thanks Cris! It seems like the trees have lost so many leaves, but I know there are still many more to come. lol I can still find colorful ones if I search hard.